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Our coaching services align us with the very best in so many areas of expertise, we just had to share them with you!  Here are our top picks that can help you live a completely prosperous, inspired and successful life!

  – Christine Marie and Julie

Inspired Life

Blue Agora - live an inspired life!




Explore a place where everything converges to inspire you to live your highest potential. Paintings, poetry, workshops bring in luminous cosmic vibrations that will spark your Sacred Flame and ignite a glorious flow of energy into your life.  Let’s make our lives the masterpiece they were meant to be. 



Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach Lisa Vazzi




Transforming the Manner in which YOU Nourish Your Body 

Nutrition Coach

Lisa Vazzi, Nutrition Coach

Lisa Vazzi

Nutrition Coach
Certified Circle of Life Health Coach; Sports Nutrition
Worden, Illinois

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Virtual Business Help

Virtual Business 911 - Consider it done.

Virtual Business 911 - Consider it done.

Barb Asselin, President of Virtual Business 911, has compiled an amazing team of Virtual Assistants to help your small, medium or large sized business in all areas of business support, including: 
  • blogging
  • bookkeeping
  • presentations
  • writing
  • desktop publishing
  • online marketing
  • list building
  • web design
  • YouTube videos
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • translation
  • transcription
  • much more!

Visit their Virtual Assistant website for details on rates, packages and services as well as your free copy of their 17-page workbook, the Website Review Workbook.

Virtual Business 911 – Consider it done.