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I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have 175 different words for snow

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I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have a 175 words for snow..including one for yellow snow.  I’ve had snow cones at our local carnival..they’re good…but they can’t make a yellow snowcone look appetizing. Its good to get specific. 

When we are coming up with our dream lists and our goals I know that it is important to get down to the nitty gritty of the details..getting specific in what we want, when we want it,  why we want it, and how we are going to feel when we have it.  What we focus upon expands.  Focus on your noisy neighbor–your irritation at the noisy neighbor expands.  Focus on your mountain of bills–that mountain of bills..well you get the drift..drift..snow drift..drifting snow.  Yea, I can see the need for a special word for snow drift.  I want to know if when I am driving around a curve am I going to run into a little pile of snow or a big honking pile of snow…but I guess I’m drifting off here.  I’m pretty sure the only color of snow to eat is white. ..although blueberry and cherry might be tempting~well, wait a minute ,forget the cherry. 

Christine Marie

A Scary Tale

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It’s a dark, stormy night.  The rain beats down on your car.  The thunder is so loud it shakes the mini van.  The road is unclear and there are trees being uprooted by the strong winds and tossed into your path.  Suddenly, your lights go out.   Your radio is dead. You wish you had taken the time to get your car checked out before your journey.  You hit a large piece of debris and your cell phone slides out of reach.  GPS was on sale last month but you thought you’d save the money.  Aarrrgh.

Now, the sun is shining brightly-not even a tiny cloud in the sky.  The gas tank is full and there is your favorite music playing.  Your GPS is navigating the way for you and you are relaxed and enjoying the scenery.  Your Mercedes is humming along-a fabulous touring machine.  Wow..two very different experiences.  Two very different journeys. 

And that is the exact difference between having a clear plan for your future and not.  It’s utterly important that you know where you’re going, what its going to look like when you get there..and the fact that you enjoyed every step of the journey or every mile of the ride.  Join me tomorrow on blogtalkradio,com.  I will be doing a future visioning exercise that will get you in alignment and set a path for your course.  It will be archived if you can’t make it live.  Also, visit and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards…one minute to tune up your’re worth it…;o)

Christine Marie

The Curious Case of Bucky and the Buried Bones

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I don’t do this for the comments but when I get one I feel giddy.  I sometimes wonder what am I doing this for-but then I remember and all is aligned right with the world.  Life is fragrant and sweet when I allow.  My ancient anger is soothed when I scratch the surface of my ego and find something strong and peaceful and centered and wise~~wise enough to keep my mouth shut and my thoughts from rambling. 

Bucky is a beautiful but homely dog.  He is not my dog.  He is tethered to a tree in the back of an auto repair shop.  Each fall his fur grows wild in preparation for his long winter outside.   We asked his owner if we could bring him treats every so often–and he said we could.  Bucky will eat a burger or a sausage but he will take bones and bury them near his house.  Bucky’s life tugs on my heart strings.  His tail wags whenever we visit.  I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body. 

Today, on my way home from the market, I saw Bucky being walked by a young man.  Bucky was struttin’ his stuff..his head held high and his tail cutting the air happily.  I know that the young man that was walking Bucky today didn’t do it so somebody like me could write about it..but if he’s reading this I am giddy with thanks. You are a good man.  Did I mention that Bucky is extremely buck toothed?

Christine Marie

I Took a Trip to LowDownDogsVille

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I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!!  It’s the truth I tell ya!!  I am a rich human being.  Rich with a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a funny son, deep friendships, an exciting career…have I lost you yet?  You’re waitng for the “but”.  

 Excuse me if I don’t want to go there with you.  You see, I prefer to focus on the things I appreciate.  I prefer to focus on those things I am grateful for.  What you focus on EXPANDS…no ifs, ands, or buts.  The “other stuff” I don’t give much air time to..I do not like to waste the energy.  I prefer to stay in contentment, in joy, in delight. 

Do I ever take a day trip to LowDownDawgsVille?  Of course.  That town has a 7-11 convenience store where I can easily grab a bag of pity chips, sad songs are 2/$3.00, and I can pour myself an 84 ounce glass of all men are jerks…and throw in some cigarettes for when I’m smokin’ mad.  The trip back home always feels longer than the trip to get there.  Sure, I can buy some lottery tickets in LowDownDawgsVille.  But I think my odds of winning are the same whether I play or not.  That’s why I prefer to say, “I feel like I won the lottery.”  I mean it.  Can you say it and mean it?

Bamboo and Big Pants Law of Attraction Style

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My first thought today is to continue with my Dirty Harry impersonation..that’s because at my core I believe that nothing exceeds like excess..and I tend to always go too far.  So, I shall pull the reins back and NOT do my Eastwood…but that shouldn’t keep you from still imagining me doing it..(te he te he)..While I have you under my control and in my power I will now implant the HRPuffinstuff song.. h r pufinstuff..hypnotizeddon’t hate me just cause I can do this stuff.

On my screensaver I have a pic of a bamboo forest.  Why?  It is an instant reminder to me about the Law of Gestation~the time it takes to manifest things from the non physical into the physical..once bamboo is planted it takes a long time before its tender little shoots even break ground…oh but when it does LOOK OUT.  THAT BAMBOO CAN GROW 80 feet in a week..(first warning~ I tend to speak in hyperbole).  But you get the point.  So..don’t quit.  don’t give up..Your dreams, like the tiny bamboo shoot, may not have broken the ground yet…  but it  still  growing underground and the Universe is arranging all its bamboo molecules so that once it breaks ground it can go from 0 to100 in a heartbeat. 

I want to go to San Diego..lay on the beach..look at the ocean..enjoy the sea of humanity..But, alas, I am in Tucson.  Trips can be fun and enjoyable and this trip will be as well.  I decided that I will not turn around and go back to Tucson just because I am in Nevada.  I am just not in San Diego…yet. Just like those bamboo shoots have not broken ground yet.  But how many times have we given up on a dream or a desire because we hadn’t “seen” evidence of it, YET.?? 

Hence, a little thing I like to call BUFFER TIME.his pants are too big  What have you been gestating that hasn’t shown up in your 3-D world of experience YET?  Just because you’re not in San Diego are you gonna turn around and “go backwards” or even “quit”. C’mon. You’re made of tougher substance than that..In fact, you are made up of the same things the planet, the universe, the stars are made of…..Now, fold up your lawn chairs, get back in your camper, get out that crusty Atlas, fill up your gas tank and point yourself in the direction of San Diego.  You’ve got BAMBOO waiting.  Tomorrow  I will tell you a little story about how a rabbi, a priest, and a congressman walked into a bar and there was a talking frog taking orders.

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