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Tonight we Interview Denise Allen on Blogtalkradio..Be there or be Square

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Hey everyone,

On tonight’s radio show Julie and I are interviewing Denise Allen author of  The Money Poems book.  This is a faulous story of how Denise’s grandmother left her poems before she died and in these poems is contained the wisdom of hoiw to achieve prosperity.  It will be a fun and educational interview.  Denise also is a teacher for the Unity Church and teaches on the Science of Success.  Call in with your questions or come to the chatroom prepared to chat prosperity with Julie and myself.

Denise will be with us tonight March 5th at 9:00 pm CST.  You can get there by clicking on this link

Next Friday we will have auther Sandra Underwood.  Her book is titled “Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness.”  No small topic, right? But Sandra story is remarkable and you won’t want to miss it.  If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of losing a beloved unexpectantly you’ll want to hear Sandra’s story.

Do You Have the Cojones to Let Your Light Shine?

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I want to believe that we are no longer under the old paradigm where change is painful.  That we have to go through trials and tribulations to come out on the other side.

In my therapist days it used to be called going through the dark night of the soul or the hero’s journey.  The dark night of the soul meant grappling with the bigger issues of why am I here and what is, if any, the value in my suffering?   The hero’s journey meant some huge Ulysses- like saga where we met on the road to our home a succession of demons and trials and tricksters of all sorts.

In many cases it meant withdrawing ourselves from our daily lives and our family, friends, and loved ones to go to the mountains in India and study under some guru who would point the way home.

Today, right now, I ab soul lutely believe that we can find our way back home through the path of joy…through the path of choosing to feel good.  I ab soul lutely believe that happiness is our birthright..and prosperity in all its lovely facets…and that the Universe has our back.  I ab soul lutely believe that the Universe loves us, adores us and has our back. 

I ab soul lutely believe that we are light and liquid love and it is our mission and our delight to express that light and liquid love into the Universe and it is my sincere desire to have the cojones (balls) to live in these beliefs in spite of the labeled outside circumstances.  It takes courage.  After all, it’s a lot easier to say “I’m not happy and here’s why.”  (pull out of back pocket long laundry list of grievances)

Dear {insert your name here}

You are cordially invited to experience the most magnificent day of your life.  You may give yourself the most delightful thoughts and feelings.  You may give hugs to yourself and others til you bliss.  And you may sing at the top of your lungs “I’m gonna let this light of mine…shine shine shine  Enjoy the song!

Hug til you bliss

xoxo Christine Marie

Is the Law of Attraction Airie Fairie or Woo Woo?

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Someone said to me the other day (a man) that a lot of people think that the Law of Attraction is “airie fairie ” and considered “woo-woo” out there.  Really?  Most folks I’ve spoken with (men included) tell me that at a deep level they intuitively “know” that there is something to this Law of Attraction and all the other Laws like the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Giving and Receiving.

 I don’t know what is airie fairie about what you put out comes back in kind to you..or that nothing matters more than that you feel good because we magnetize at the level of our feelings.  In my world that is just common sense.  Plus the notion that you consciously make the decision to be responsible for your emotions and the way you feel sounds like a pretty good psychology. 

I think where a lot of people may get The Law of Attraction wrong is that somewhere along the line they heard that with the Law of Attraction you get to rub the Magic Lantern and the Genie appears and grants you that Lexus and the vacation home in Aspen and your very own private jet (pour me another glass of champagne please). 

An integral step in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Giving and Receiving is Inspired Action.  Yes, we live in this 3D world and there is action – movement required but it is Inspired.    What is inspired action?  Well, it stems from being in alignment first with what you desire and when you are in alignment with what you want then your heart or your gut gives you info on what action you might take. 

There is a little thing called “Buffer Time” and buffer time is like bamboo..once bamboo is planted it may take a while before it breaks through  the ground but when it does..look out!! It is one of the fastest growing plants!!  Oh, and by the way, buffer time is called The Law of Gestation. (to be continued)

Christine Marie

Do You Want to Tap into True Abundance, Peace, and Prosperity?

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May you tap into the True Abundance, Peace, and Prosperity of the Season.  May you embody the Eternal Flow of all things and may the healing and Glorious Graces descend upon you and fill you and your Heart with all good things.  So be it and so it is! click here to fly

Tapping into your own abundance and prosperity can be as easy as focusing awareness and consciousness on what is already abundant and prosperous in your life.  Are you blessed with wonderful friends?  An awesome family?  A great job?

Look at what is already working in your life and remember that what you focus on ..expands.  That’s great news if what you are focusing on is what you appreciate and already have…and yes, the converse is true as well.

Christine Marie

Trustfall into the Divine

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Hello Everyone..I’m just saying the better it gets the better it ride the wave of flow..trustfall into the arms of the Divine..and allow yourself to feel good…really good…no matter what.  You are worth it.  Oh and yea “I feel like I won the lottery.”..and that’s a flippin’ good feeling. 

 And please sign up for my free gift to you..daily audio prosperity postcards that will start your day in the right direction and align with all good things..once you sign up you will then be notified for our weekly AMP IT UP..Aligning with Unexpected Financial Windfalls.. go to 

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls are yours, baby LG Join Us Today~~

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go to or to sign up and receive the link to todays 20 min Amp Up and Align to Unexpected Financial Windfalls at Noon CST,,today Nov.19th,2009.  It’s already working …get excited!!  Come today already feeling like you won the lottery!! Woohoo..LG

Christine Marie

Thanks for Liking My Birthday Song!

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Hey thanks everyone who commented on my birthday song..I still can’t get the ditty out of my head!!  Hmm.mmm..hmmm…wouldn’t it be yummy.  Just in case you missed the song here is another link   Again, please put tin foil on head first or the chorus will remain with you all day. 

Anyway, I want to tell you of this idea that came to me yesterday.  I believe it is ab-soul-lutely fabulous.  The thought was this:  You know how we all know where our income  comes from..right?  Well, I am going to hold the intention for all of us for “Unexpected Windfalls!”  So, starting tomorrow for 20 minutes or so please once a week gather with us and AMP up the Energy for our collective “Unexpected Windfalls!”  I just got the idea for this a couple of days ago and it so pleased and delighted me and my vibration that I got an unexpected check in the mail for $1901.55.  I can only imagine what is going to happen for all of us. 

 If you are getting your prosperity postcards then we have a way of notifying you the number to call in on and I think you can listen on your ‘puter as well.  Here is what I know so will be at 12:00 noon tomorrow Thursday the 19th of November.  If you are not signed up for properity postcards you can go to or I think you can even go to and sign up there.  Also, when I get the exact phone number and computer link I will try and put it on the blog.  I’m excited…get excited!!

Together we are going to AMP UP THE ENERGY OF UNEXPECTED WINDFALLS!!  Julie and I will be here once a week to amp the energy up for all of us to receive unexpected windfalls..Of course, its free..Empower yourself to receive!! LG

Christine Marie

Put the Odds in Your Favor!

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Another great radio show last night on blogtalkradio.  Julie (my daughter and business partner) and I came out last night.  We told everyone about the and how our purpose was to 1) feel so good that we felt like we won the lottery 2) to begin attracting and manifesting in our life at that “I feel like I won the lottery “level . 3) Put the odds in our favor of really winning the lottery 4) Keep the winnings..not being part of the 85% that after 2 or 3 years have lost it all and their lives are a wreck.  It all works together..LG  You can go there ( and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards from us..they’re fun andset your day in alignment with what you desire.  I ask you today, “How do you feel like you won the lottery?”  and remember the better it gets-the better it gets!

Christine Marie

“I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”

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Have you signed up for your prosperity postcard?  First, It’s FREE.  Second, you’re just two minutes away from tip, tidbits, and tricks to create prospeity from the inside out.  Third, start your day with a smile and in alignment with your own joy and prosperity.  Do you need another reason?  Oh yeah, we’ll have you feeling sooo good you might just win the lottery of love and money!!  ;o)

Christine Marie

Is the Devil in Me?

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Its the night before Halloween..traditionally it’s been called DEVILS NIGHT…We all know when the devil gets in us.  We feel all itchy and those devilish thoughts of victimhood come creeping back into to our normally placid canvas and landscape.  We remember when we were done wrong or humiliated in our life and there was no justice to be one got their comeuppance.  Drat!! 

 We didn’t actually witness “What goes around comes around.”  uh-uh.  They treated us wrong and the universe or justice or the law or our parents “didn’t make it right.”  Double Drat.  So now what do we do?  I’m gonna make a suggestion or two and you may not like what you hear.  Imagine me whispering this word….forgiveness.  There I said it. 

Don’t get the bristles on your back all up and your panties in a bunch.  Its not for the other guy..its for yourself.  Can you forgive yourself long enough to let go of that hard thing you’ve been holding onto?  Can you say a prayer for grace to descend upon you and then wait as your request is answered?

  It may not be easy or simple but there is real value here for you in clearing the energetic and psychic clutter from your energy field so that you may live a more rich and vibrant life..there is a whole lot more here but you get the drift.

Christine Marie

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