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Do ya?  Well, do ya?  feel lucky, that is.  Picture me doing my best Eastwood impression circa 1970.  I was watching the TLC channel on Saturday night…a show called How the Lottery Changed my Life.  Before you go thinking that I must have no life at all cause I am home on a Sat. night AND I am watching The Learning Channel hear me and hear me well:  “You don’t know me…uh-uh! don’t you go thinkin’ you know me cause you don’t know me.”

Anyway, I am getting somewhere with this…my point is this.  (long story short) ~from the show~husband and wife trying to have a baby for years…going to fertility clinic for years to no avail…finally the wife’s sister volunteers to act as a surrogate and have this couple’s baby.  The baby is born (darling girl) and everyday as the husband and wife look at this precious miracle they say aloud, “I feel like I won the lottery.”  Every day–several times a day. Soooo, one Christmas the husband buys the wife some scratch off tickets…and, yep…you guessed it.  They win the lottery!!

Now, as a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, this makes serious sense to me. We attract from our feelings.  And when we’re feeling great…appreciative…like we won the frickin’ lottery…the Law of Attraction or that Great Cosmic Mirror reflects right back to us what we are feeling. It is why it is so important that we begin to take responsibility for our feelings…when we feel better~life gets better.  My friend Max likes to say, “The better it gets-the better it gets.”  and I believe her because it is happening to me and many of the people in my circle.  You are worth choosing the better feeling thought.  It takes a little bit of time and commitment but it is sooo very worth it.  Feeling Example:  “I feel like my life sucks…there is a dark cloud over me.” or “I feel like I won the lottery.” Which thought is a better feeling thought?  I think it was Henry Ford that said, ” if you think you can or if you think you can’t-you’re right.”

Of course, I have seen manifesting ones desires happen very quickly…IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE…  But, in general, there is a time of gestation. Julie (my daughter and business partner) and I call this “Buffer Time“.  It is the time it takes to get from the non physical realm to the physical.  More tomorrow on BUFFER TIME…