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Do you feel like you won the lottery? Well, do you?

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There is a lid for every pot I am told.  I was discussing lids with my daughter (and bs. partner) and we were talking about how we have lids on all types of things like beliefs, and our feelings of prosperity and abundance.  Sometimes those lids keep us barely getting by year after year after year. The belief that there is not enough to go around..that resources are limited, that life is hard and then you die..All these beliefs that affect us day after day and yet we are not even aware of them..We don’t even give them a second look..we accept those beliefs and then go on living out our lives based on those beliefs.  To me it’s like playing a video game over and over and the game is about a tough life, not much love, frustration, impatience, lots of tv watching, and not a whole lot to look forward to…and yet most folks choose to stick with that video game mainly because they are unaware that there is a better game to play.  In fact, they may fight hard and loud to hold on to that video game..screaming “but this is the way it is-the way it’s always been-and the way its always gonna be.”  They fight hard to hold on to their victimhood..their story that they know so well.  I understand this because I lived this.

But now the lid is least I am aware now when the old lid is on..and it reminds me how I used to think.  I feel better.  I am better.  Life is better.  I have discovered in me an infinite, never ending flow of well being that nourishes me, heals me, supports me, informs me.  That well being teaches me about fun and joy and deep faith and trust and personal empowerment.  In truth, all the good things that make life really worth living.  That well being is yours, too.  And it all begins with your feelings.  Your feelings are your barometer~your indicator~of where you are at emotionally…and they are the perfect place to start your sojourn to greater and greater well being.  Can you remember a time in your life where you felt like you won the lottery?  There are plenty of stories out there where folks had an experience and they said “Wow, I feel like I won the Lottery!”  Are you in alignment with your own lottery story?  Seek out all the places in your daily life where you are appreciative and grateful..this is the best place to start…Oh yeah..and feels soooo good.