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A Scary Tale

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It’s a dark, stormy night.  The rain beats down on your car.  The thunder is so loud it shakes the mini van.  The road is unclear and there are trees being uprooted by the strong winds and tossed into your path.  Suddenly, your lights go out.   Your radio is dead. You wish you had taken the time to get your car checked out before your journey.  You hit a large piece of debris and your cell phone slides out of reach.  GPS was on sale last month but you thought you’d save the money.  Aarrrgh.

Now, the sun is shining brightly-not even a tiny cloud in the sky.  The gas tank is full and there is your favorite music playing.  Your GPS is navigating the way for you and you are relaxed and enjoying the scenery.  Your Mercedes is humming along-a fabulous touring machine.  Wow..two very different experiences.  Two very different journeys. 

And that is the exact difference between having a clear plan for your future and not.  It’s utterly important that you know where you’re going, what its going to look like when you get there..and the fact that you enjoyed every step of the journey or every mile of the ride.  Join me tomorrow on blogtalkradio,com.  I will be doing a future visioning exercise that will get you in alignment and set a path for your course.  It will be archived if you can’t make it live.  Also, visit and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards…one minute to tune up your’re worth it…;o)

Christine Marie