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Can You Feel Like You Won the Lottery?

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Wanna know what’s cool?  Most people really get it these days.  Years ago when I was a young therapist it would have been very difficult for me to believe much less stand up for the fact that “nothing matters more than that you feel good.” 

But folks from all over the planet write me to say that they know how important it is that they feel good…and they are taking the belief  joyously serious.  We create with our feelings.  It’s that simple.  What we flow out into the Universe comes back to us expanded. 

The Boomerang Effect…That is why we say “I feel like I won the Lottery.”  A new Facebook friend was relating to me that she and her sister decided they wanted to actually win the lottery.  She said they decided to jump up and down and scream and shout and amp the energy up in the room.  After about 15 minutes they were hoarse and a bit exhausted.  While they were drinking some water and cooling down her sister received a phone call saying that her son’s band was selected to play at the Juno Awards in Hollywood…a very big honor.  They were amazed and awestruck what their dance of joy had magnetized into their life..and so quickly. 

Imagination is the preview of your life’s coming imagine feeling like you’ve won the lottery and you will win the prosperity jackpot of your life and feel darn good in the process.  It is so totally cool and awesome to look forward to each day and being surprised and delighted by what they day offers.  Try It.  “I feel like I won the lottery”  and I mean it..can you?  Won’t you be my Facebook Friend  and together we will raise the roof on our prosperity and joy..;o)

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls..are in the air..

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We are doing another AMP IT UP-ALIGN WITH UNEXPECTED FINANCIAL WINDFALLS!!  Thursday 9:00 a.m. CST!  20 minutes to set you in alignment to your unexpected financial windfalls.  It’s fun, it’s joy, and it gets results!!  You’re worth 20 minutes!!  If you are signed up for prosperity postcards you will be notified of the number or link to the webinar!! or  ..

I’ve already attracted 1900 dollars since last week-my husband attracted a 5000 dollar contract very unexpectedly and Julie manifested the absolute perfect resource person to sell some products on ebay and she has already sold over a thousand dollars…the better it gets..the better it the universe or Source or All that Is and begin believing..

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls are yours, baby LG Join Us Today~~

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go to or to sign up and receive the link to todays 20 min Amp Up and Align to Unexpected Financial Windfalls at Noon CST,,today Nov.19th,2009.  It’s already working …get excited!!  Come today already feeling like you won the lottery!! Woohoo..LG

Christine Marie

Thanks for Liking My Birthday Song!

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Hey thanks everyone who commented on my birthday song..I still can’t get the ditty out of my head!!  Hmm.mmm..hmmm…wouldn’t it be yummy.  Just in case you missed the song here is another link   Again, please put tin foil on head first or the chorus will remain with you all day. 

Anyway, I want to tell you of this idea that came to me yesterday.  I believe it is ab-soul-lutely fabulous.  The thought was this:  You know how we all know where our income  comes from..right?  Well, I am going to hold the intention for all of us for “Unexpected Windfalls!”  So, starting tomorrow for 20 minutes or so please once a week gather with us and AMP up the Energy for our collective “Unexpected Windfalls!”  I just got the idea for this a couple of days ago and it so pleased and delighted me and my vibration that I got an unexpected check in the mail for $1901.55.  I can only imagine what is going to happen for all of us. 

 If you are getting your prosperity postcards then we have a way of notifying you the number to call in on and I think you can listen on your ‘puter as well.  Here is what I know so will be at 12:00 noon tomorrow Thursday the 19th of November.  If you are not signed up for properity postcards you can go to or I think you can even go to and sign up there.  Also, when I get the exact phone number and computer link I will try and put it on the blog.  I’m excited…get excited!!

Together we are going to AMP UP THE ENERGY OF UNEXPECTED WINDFALLS!!  Julie and I will be here once a week to amp the energy up for all of us to receive unexpected windfalls..Of course, its free..Empower yourself to receive!! LG

Christine Marie

Happy Birthday to Me..Happy Birthday to Me..Hear my song now..but put tin foil on your head first..or it will keep playing over and over

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November’s my birthday.  But you know what’s cool?  Seriously cool?  Folks from all over are wishing me happy birthday and more..wishing me my dreams come true…wishing me new roads to travel down…….wishing me a day with family and friends.  I am in awe.  This is my first birthday on Facebook and I am just in awe of the kindness of people.  Taking the time to write their wishes for me is so flippin’ inspiring.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!! 

My husband wrote me a song and my son did the music to it..Keep in mind that Norm(hubby) was born just 20 days before me (same year).Here is a link to the song ~~it’s like 2 min.   but it will put a smile on your face..Ok, it’s not as cute as the baby rockin it out to Beyonce’s Single Ladies…but it sure made me  say, “I feel like I won the lottery~” and, of course you know by now I really mean it!!

Put the Odds in Your Favor!

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Another great radio show last night on blogtalkradio.  Julie (my daughter and business partner) and I came out last night.  We told everyone about the and how our purpose was to 1) feel so good that we felt like we won the lottery 2) to begin attracting and manifesting in our life at that “I feel like I won the lottery “level . 3) Put the odds in our favor of really winning the lottery 4) Keep the winnings..not being part of the 85% that after 2 or 3 years have lost it all and their lives are a wreck.  It all works together..LG  You can go there ( and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards from us..they’re fun andset your day in alignment with what you desire.  I ask you today, “How do you feel like you won the lottery?”  and remember the better it gets-the better it gets!

Christine Marie

“I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”

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Have you signed up for your prosperity postcard?  First, It’s FREE.  Second, you’re just two minutes away from tip, tidbits, and tricks to create prospeity from the inside out.  Third, start your day with a smile and in alignment with your own joy and prosperity.  Do you need another reason?  Oh yeah, we’ll have you feeling sooo good you might just win the lottery of love and money!!  ;o)

Christine Marie

“I feel like I won the lottery!”

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I’m going to do it.  I’m going to win the lottery!  How you ask?  First by playing.  (I used to think my odds were the same whether I played or not.) Second, by putting the odds in my favor.  You see, according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like…and our feelings are from where we attract.  So if we’re feeling down, depressed, constricted, we can expect those same experiences and results attracted back to us from the universe.  So I am putting the odds in my favor by saying and claiming and feeling this…”I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”  and I mean it and I am feeling it and I am living it.  I’ll let you know immediately.  I’m counting everything as a win..even a 5 or 10 spot or a free ticket.  However, I am putting on my vision board20 million dollars…I can feel it now.  “I feel like I won the lottery!”  whoo hoo..

Christine Marie


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You know me by now.  I tell it like it is.  So..having said that I need to tell you my experience with my coaching clients and groups.  100% of my clients have said at one point or another “I want to win the lottery!”  For so long I directed their thoughts elsewhere.  Well, no more!!

 I heard them…really heard them.  You see the Law of Attraction basically states like attracts like…or that which is like unto itself is drawn.   Next, the law states that you attract with your feelings…or nothing matters more than that you feel good.  This is a most powerful truth.  Now, I tell my clients this-if you desire to win the lottery you must feel like you won the lottery!!

 So, I created a website where you can go on a daily basis and share a story or two about a time when you felt like you won the lottery.  Jack Canfield shares a couple of stories with us and Christy Whitman as well.  Go there..get in the lottery winning mood and share your stories…by doing this you totally increase your chances of winning the lottery AND you are going to feel like you won the lottery in the meantime…I call this.Win Win.. also sign up for your free daily audio properity postcards at  and put some fun in your a.m. and join me and Julie on blogtalkradio Mon-Wed at 8:00am CST for 45 min of Law of Attraction and Energetic Alignments!

Christine Marie

I Took a Trip to LowDownDogsVille

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I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!!  It’s the truth I tell ya!!  I am a rich human being.  Rich with a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a funny son, deep friendships, an exciting career…have I lost you yet?  You’re waitng for the “but”.  

 Excuse me if I don’t want to go there with you.  You see, I prefer to focus on the things I appreciate.  I prefer to focus on those things I am grateful for.  What you focus on EXPANDS…no ifs, ands, or buts.  The “other stuff” I don’t give much air time to..I do not like to waste the energy.  I prefer to stay in contentment, in joy, in delight. 

Do I ever take a day trip to LowDownDawgsVille?  Of course.  That town has a 7-11 convenience store where I can easily grab a bag of pity chips, sad songs are 2/$3.00, and I can pour myself an 84 ounce glass of all men are jerks…and throw in some cigarettes for when I’m smokin’ mad.  The trip back home always feels longer than the trip to get there.  Sure, I can buy some lottery tickets in LowDownDawgsVille.  But I think my odds of winning are the same whether I play or not.  That’s why I prefer to say, “I feel like I won the lottery.”  I mean it.  Can you say it and mean it?

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