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I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have 175 different words for snow

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I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have a 175 words for snow..including one for yellow snow.  I’ve had snow cones at our local carnival..they’re good…but they can’t make a yellow snowcone look appetizing. Its good to get specific. 

When we are coming up with our dream lists and our goals I know that it is important to get down to the nitty gritty of the details..getting specific in what we want, when we want it,  why we want it, and how we are going to feel when we have it.  What we focus upon expands.  Focus on your noisy neighbor–your irritation at the noisy neighbor expands.  Focus on your mountain of bills–that mountain of bills..well you get the drift..drift..snow drift..drifting snow.  Yea, I can see the need for a special word for snow drift.  I want to know if when I am driving around a curve am I going to run into a little pile of snow or a big honking pile of snow…but I guess I’m drifting off here.  I’m pretty sure the only color of snow to eat is white. ..although blueberry and cherry might be tempting~well, wait a minute ,forget the cherry. 

Christine Marie