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Future Visioning..You Are Worth It!

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Hello Everyone!!  Wow..I just did a 45 minute Future Visioning Meditation..and it was awesome.   It is truly important to have met your future self and walked back to your present now with your future self…leaving bread crumbs along the way. 

I want to give you legitimate hope about your future.  There are many steps to get you where you are wanting to go and since you may be operating in a  new zip code some things may feel like obstacles or “No” from the universe.  It’s not.  You are just experiencing a new learning curve and when you have mastered that one there will more than likely be another one and another one.  It’s all good. 

 Your life is about this kind of expansion…this kind of contrast.  Your future can have a direct impact on the quality of your life today.  The future visioning meditation is archived on my blogtalkradio show.  Its 45 minutes.  I think you’re worth it.  Sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards at  The feedback has been so delightful and we are having a blast making them for you.  Nothing matters more than that you feel good.  Do all that you can to feel good.

Christine Marie