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Calm…Content…I don’t mind

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Happiness is truly a wonderful thing to experience.  And to be genuinely happy means, according to the Law of deliberate Creation, that you are flowing your energies in that zip code that is manifesting those good feelings right back at you…a fabulous state to be basking in.

 However, lets give props and a shout out to those days that we authentically cannot muster happy feelings~those days that maybe the highest reaching feeling you have is contentment or calm or “I don’t mind.”  Those are really nice moments in time where one can love what is or like what is and be in a gentle flowing state of allowing what is.  It is a place that comes directly from the heart..the heart and seat of your own voice-your own wisdom..your own intuitive self.  Give a pat on your back or even an “attagirl” toyourself if you find yourself saying “I’m content for no reason.”  or “I am calm for no reason.”

Christine Marie