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100th episode on Blogtalkradio..

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Hi people of the world!  Today my daughter and I had our 100th episode on blog talk radio.  We started the show really on a whim..really for us.  We were spending about 45-60 minutes a morning getting into energetic alignment with our dreams and desires.  As Certified Law of Attraction coaches and Prosperity Guides, we know how vital it is to set your intention and stay in the essence or feelling of that intention. 

 We also know there is a whole lot more to the Law of Attraction than rubbing the magic bottle and waiting for the genie to pop out and grant your 3 wishes..sooo, we got up every morning and started doing this little radio show on how to manifest and how to magnetize your desires deliberately.  It really set our energy straight.  Then something magical happened.  People started calling in..asking questions~talking about their desires to feel better and better in their own lives,  We started coaching people over the radio and even got listeners calling in from Ireland, Korea, England, Scotland, and New Jersey..;o)

You know, overall, folks are pretty amazing.  It’s been quite a ride.  Just the way I intended it.  Thanks everyone.

~Christine Marie and Julie