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Affirmations-Are they FOR or AGAINST YOU?

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Affirmations…in the opposite direction.  that’s the power of negative thinking.  If you are vibrating exactly and in alignment with a negative can be sure you are setting the odds in your favor of  achieving that negative thought.  Its not very appetizing to think that you’re walking around creating crappy circumstances in your life..but that’s pretty much what happens. 

 Now, imagine the power of a positive affirmation, if you will, that speaks of that which YOU want.  “I am abundant in all areas.”  “I am prosperous in all areas of my life.”  “My dreams and desires are manifested with ease.”  “I appreciate my life.”  Find your own affirmations..the ones that FEEL really good to you..the ones you have NO resistance to.

 As you say an affirmation of your own choosing..feel in your body, in your gut if you feel 100% allowing of that resistance at all…then that is the Affirmation for you..OWN IT.  GO FOR IT.  THE UNIVERSE IS WAITING ON YOU.

Christine Marie