What an amazing time to be here on planet Earth! If you are here then I know you are already attracted to the Law of Attraction. You desire to see life from abundance and prosperity. You desire to see opportunity, possibility, and potentiality. You desire your own transformation, liberation, and joy. You are where you are–exactly. And you have a knowing that your destiny is calling. You may find that you are ready for the next step. And finally come to the realization that there is power in numbers. We no longer have to do it alone. In partnership, you deserve and desire to have someone on your side. Someone who sees the world and your unique soul’s signiture and journey and supports you…a manifesting partner–so to speak.

At Christine Marie and Julie”s Frontiers in Coaching we mean Frontiers. Frontiers in the leading edge in thought. You instinctively know that you are creating your life.  And now you desire to consciously choose your own life. Yea for you!!! And we mean it!!! It’s our ardent desire to stand with you and support you as you deliberately create the life of your dreams.

As you are aware, the Law of Attraction is always at work in your life–Now it’s time for you to become an active participate and deliberate creator as opposed to creating by default. We are here to partner with you.

By Understanding and following the Law of Attraction and working Law of Attraction Processes our goal is to raise your vibration and frequency so that you can begin to attract what you desire.

There is something just for you here–whether you are looking for individual Prosperity LOA coaching to group Prosperity LOA coaching- or to join in on our energy alignments. Know this, life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to be in joy. Perhaps you’ve be desiring someone on your side- someone deeply versed in the law of attraction. Well it is our desire to let you know that what you want wants you. So now relax and breathe.

Christine’s Individual Coaching

Hi everyone and welcome.Christine Peters  

I am Christine Marie.  And here at Frontiers in Coaching we believe in the KISS principle…Keepin’ it simple sweetheart.  And we are simply here for you.

As a Prosperity and Law of Attraction Coach I want you to know that creating the life you desire is within your reach.  Are you looking for a miracle? After all, Deepak Chopra says, “A miracle is just a shift in perception.”  Are you ready to make that shift?  Are you ready to travel downstream?    Are you ready to flow your life easily, effortlessly, and with joy?                                                         

Are you ready to attract all the prosperity that you desire and deserve in your life? I invite you to turn the boat of your life around and turn into the path of least resistance.  I invite you to become a deliberate creator.  And I invite you to transform your life into true liberation and deep joy.  The Law of Attraction is so  much more than just positive thinking.  And here at Frontiers in Coaching we want you to know this…..

You can get there from here.
Price:  4- forty minute sessions $300
To set up a date and time email Christine Marie at
The Practical Intuitive Coaching by Christine Marie
I know how challenging life can be-particularly when you are at a crossroad. Ah-the crossroads of change, decisions, transitions and transformations. After all, it’s your life we’re talking about here.Hi -I’m Christine Marie and I’ve been an intuitive all my life. However, when I was called into service by my soul, I began using my intuitive gifts in earnest. When I was a psychotherapist I gradually realized my clients came to me less and less for therapy and more and more for my intuitive take on things. It’s not that they were looking for someone else to tell them what to do-in fact just the opposite. They were smart and savvy enough to get fuller and fuller information and a larger and deeper perspective on things. I always said “Hey, I’m not a magic eight ball.” Oh and by the way you can get one of those at Toys r’ Us for about twelve dollars. But I see things from the soul’s perspective. I see things from a different vantage point and I can offer that to the client. Around 1989 I was blessed during a meditation to be introduced to my guides. I experienced a deep unconditional love-like I had never experienced before. Fast forward-my gift, my service was to blend these two gifts onto the backdrop of my role as therapist and now a Law of Attracton coach, prosperity coach and spiritual coach. Know this-the guides are devoted to us–to you. They desire your happiness and your joy and to see you have greater and greater access to your own freedom. When the Archangels come in they gently urge us to release the old dramas and old programming in favor of offering up a cleaner vibration and a cleaner frequency. Or when the Dolophins come in their message is always delightful and full of joy-even when they announce that it is now time for The Great Coming Clean. Or when the Divine Mother comes in-the Deep Delicious Inner Feminine whose great crucible of love calls us to greater and greater unconditonal love for ourselves and whose own love for us is dedicated to burning through obstacles and patterns and programming for us. I know we can all agree that these are interesting and amazing times filled with possibilities and potentialities. The guides, the Archangels, the Dolphins, the Divine Mother all desire only very good for you and your well being.

So far, I’ve worked with psychotherapists, social workers, artists, teachers, actors, M.D.’s, small business owners, coaches, writers and many beautiful souls who are on their own hero’s journey and spiritual path. Now, I’m the first to admit that sometimes we may not be a good match for a variety of reasons. However, this happens less and less as I eminently trust that if we are attracted to each other there is something that we can do together. But to see if we are a great fit I offer a free consult via email. I’d appreciate a little background and your questions and let’s see if together we can expand your perspective and see things from an easier vantage point.

I want you to know that I work better through emails-I am able to take the extra time to sit with the energy of your questions and get a feeling for the complexity of the situation and also hear what the guides are saying or instructing. Overall- their goal is always one of greater and greater self determination for you and of connecting to your freedom, liberation, and joy. However, if you feel that you work best through a phone call, I am willing to see how that goes. I also want you to know that my fee is a hundred fifty dollars. I also believe that everyone who desires this should have access to if you believe it is not affordable to you-let me know where you are at financially. And we’ll see what we can do.

I will also have channeled energy alerts here on the website so please sign up to be notified when these occur. In addition, read the testimonials from people just like you and what they are saying about how their lives and their own hero’s journey has been impacted by experiencing the direct and unconditional love and understanding of the guides. I also offer traditional Law of Attraction and Prosperity Coaching and Spiritual Coaching. Please see for more info.

Cost per session $150



Julie’s Individual Coaching

Hello Everyone,Julie Peters

As a Prosperity Law of Attraction coach I have 3 questions for you…

  1. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what you don’t want and then getting what you don’t want?
  2. Are you beginning to come to the conclusion that wealth, health, and happiness are for the other guy?
  3. You have heard of the Law of Attraction and you know it works perfectly 100% of the time but do you feel it’s not working perfectly for you?

Well friends I’m here to tell you that law of attraction is always working perfectly 100% of the time. And do you know that you are always creating 100% of the time?

Now I ask you are creating by default with results you don’t want or are you becoming a deliberate creator

Come along with me and explore the idea that what you want wants you.  That what you desire desires you.  Are you ready for a manifesting partner?  If you are together we will work the process that as wayne Dyer puts so beautifully,”that you can attract the missing pieces of you life like iron filings to a magnet.”  Are you ready?  Are you really ready?  Take a step in the right direction, right now.  Together we will make it fun, easy, and effortless.  One more question.

Are you ready to attract all the prosperity that you desire and deserve in your life?  After all it is your true nature. Know this….you can get there from here.

Price:  4 – forty-five minute sessions for $300

Contact Julie for coaching at