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Seeds of Greatness

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Hello Snowflakes,

Yes, I’m talking to you.  I’m here to say that in the midst of your crazy busy lives, bills to pay, oil to get changed, groceries to be shopped, teeth to be cleaned….there is no other like you.  You may feel like your just another rat in the rat race.  Or you may feel like your just another hamster on the wheel that goes round and round.  But may I remind you, Snowflake, that you are unique.

From the very first day you came on this planet, deep within you, were planted seeds of greatness.   What I mean by that is you have a purpose and a destiny much bigger than the hamster wheel or the rat race.  What if I told you that you were meant for times like this?  What if I told you it is time for you to wake up and realize every day counts and every day matters?

There’s a problem only you can solve.  There’s a book that only you can write.  There’s a song that only you can sing.  There’s a prayer that only you can pray.  I challenge you to find what that is.  This will show up for you in the tiny seeds of your desires.  Start listening to that quiet still voice deep inside of you.  It may be saying it is time.  Yes, do it for you.  Do it for humanity.  But, most of all, do it for the honor and glory of the one that created you.

And yes Snowflakes are beautiful.  So Snowflakes, don’t let your dreams melt away.

Here’s a little song for us Day Dreamers.

Dare to Dream!

-Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host ofLife With The Girlfriends on .

Leave The Past Behind

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Greetings dreamers! Last week we spoke about the power of our thoughts and the resultant actions on  our feelings.  And remembering how important feelings are in the equation of the production of our dreams.  So you can see that nothing matters more than that you feel good.  Stay tuned for our Feel Better Now community coming soon.  Because nothing matters more than that you feel good.

So I can hear you saying to me now, “How can I dare to dream a dream when I have so many past failures. I’ve tried a million times and it never works out.”  Here’s my answer to this.  My answer is a question.  What if you believed you were starting from a place of victory?  Can you believe this?

When you believe you are starting from a place of victory, you already know you’ve achieved your goal. You’re just reverse engineering the process.  When you start from a place of victory, all obstacles have already been overcome.  Then, obstacles merely become knowledge.  And for us dreamers out there, the knowledge becomes wisdom.

So if you’ve been contemplating writing that book, sharing your story, or starting your own business – it’s time to remember that you are starting from a place of victory. And it is time to forget those past disappoints and defeats.

Paul , writing to the Philippians has the perfect quote. “… but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, ”

It’s a powerful choice to not look back. Many a race has been lost by looking back.  The famous horse Seabisquit, lost by a fraction of a second because his jockey looked back at the very last moment. So let’s press forward and live in victory.

Here’s a little music to run your race:)

Check out our last Life With The Girlfriends podcast on BBSradio. Julie was joined by Greg, her brother for this podcast done in San Diego.  Also, Julie interviewed author David Ross about his life story.  The book is titled, “I Just Quit- And So Can You.”

Dare to Dream!

-Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host of Life With The Girlfriends on .

Your Dreams and The Power of Your Emotions

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Hello Lovelies,

What do your emotions have to do with your dreams?

Let’s say you’ve dusted off a long held dream from the back of the shelf.  And, let’s say you’ve made that dream relevant to your life today.  And it looks pretty good.  You got some brand new hope.  There’s some fresh air that’s entered into your life.

So what happens when some old crappy feelings rear their ugly heads?  I’m going to say again that nothing matters more than that you feel good.  Does this mean you stuff all your feelings down in exchange for a faux happy feeling?  Of course not!  But it is important to have a plan or blueprint in place to move your low level feelings legitimately up the better feeling scale.

And why is this important?  We attract from our true legitimate feelings.  If you find yourself in  a wishy-washy state, then it’s no wonder that you are having mixed results.  If this sounds like a little bit of voodoo, it’s not.  It’s based on a Universal Law of Like attracting Like.  And this law is just as powerful as the Law of Gravity and the Law of Lift and Thrust for an airplane.

So remember, if you are totally down in the dumps and got up on the wrong side of the bed, you can gently sweetly coax yourself to a better feeling place.  Think about grabbing a cup of tea and taking a few deep breaths.  Give thanks for the brand new day.  And experience a better feeling.

Check out this song this week. ” Feelings” by the great Ella Fitzgerald.  That’s one silky smooth  voice.

Next week we’ll talk about how our feelings are the result of our deep seated thoughts in our heart.


-Christine Marie M.A.

Co-host of Life with The Girlfriends on BBSRadio and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Clutterfly Effect.  Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.

Why Can’t I Finish Anything?

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Julie here.  I want to let you in on a little secret and problem I have been having lately.

I just can’t finish anything.  And finally I had enough when Christine Marie A.K.A Mom said, “Julie, what is going on with you.  You can’t finish anything.  And that’s not like you.  You need to figure out what’s going on”

She’s absolutely right.  I have several things I’m working on from selling a motorcycle on ebay that I can’t get up to creating an app.  And with every new and exciting idea that I have, my list of things I want to complete just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Jack Canfield talks about connecting with Completion Consciousness.  There are so many times we get to the place where we almost finish something but then we stop.  We never do the last 10% to actually complete the project or get our idea to a place that can really benefit us.

Why?  Here’s what I’ve come up with.  Starting a project feels incredibly fun and exciting…bursting with anticipation and possibilities.  And once the real work begins, energy fades.  Things don’t go as planned, problems come up, and at some point,  negative thoughts pop in my head.  Do any of these ring a bell for you?

1)  This is taking way too much time…. for the pay off.

2)  There are so many little obstacles popping up……maybe I’m not supposed to do it now.

3)  This is costing me more money……when will it stop ?

4)  Maybe this new project is a better way to spend my time, money, energy.  Maybe I’m in alignment with that.  (And then the project never gets done.)

We can get in a cycle where it is just hard to complete things.  It starts weighing on us and it takes precious energy from us.  And that’s where I’m at today…feeling weighed down and not feeling very successful.  Which is not a place where I want to stay.

So if you are like me and find yourself in this cycle of not completing and finishing things….

I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME!  Let’s make some space by clearing the clutter from our lives and breathe some fresh new energy.  That old energy of not finishing things is taking up valuable real estate.

Here’s the plan:

1)  List all the things you haven’t finished but have not let go of.

2)  Pick the top 5 that you are going to complete.

3)  Activate the 3 D’s (not double d’s -that’s my bra size:)  Decide, Delegate, or Delete.

4)  Decide right now which tasks you can do yourself and pick one to do first.

5)  Delegate the ones you can get help on.  It’s amazing how much people want to help.

6)  Delete once and for all the ones that no longer support who you are or that are not that important.

7)  Put an end date on it.  I don’t know your list, but I’ve cleared my dance card and I’m giving myself 1 week to get the top 5 things done.  I’ll check back with you on Monday to let you know how I did.

My list may not get competed as planned, but it will get completed!  And I am going to celebrate next Monday!

Join me!  You can do it!   Let’s change the trajectory of our lives right now and get  on that completion consciousness train.

Here’s to you and your success,


This week if you purchase our book “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life” you will get the audio version for free.  Just email your receipt number to   You can purchase our book at Amazon.

I Confess…I have beliefs that no longer serve me

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I confess…confession is good for the, I confess.  Now I am having second thoughts.  Let me reconsider.  I may just be able to write today’s stuff and just not confess what I was going to confess.  Instead, I want to revisit those old belief systems that are well worn and oh so very comfortable.  A belief  so mightily ingrained that it can’t even be seen or spotted anymore.

It is truly part of the landscape.   Like a comfortable old night shirt~thread bare~barely hanging on~and a material diary of the last 15 years, an outmoded belief that really no longer serves you ~ yet, you continue to entertain it.  Yes, it knocks on your door and you let it in.  Not only do you let it in but you have the room lit with candles and mood lighting, there is some Barry White in the background, and you pour wine for the two of you from a box.  You entertain that serve it wine..and you may even have a roll in the hay with it.. In the morning you wake up,,your mascara streaked, schmeared, and schmudged and you smell of cheap wine and pity.

Next time, when the door bell rings you can answer it..but..instead of inviting that old belief of lack, poverty, victimhood, constriction,or whatever you name it in to your head just say “Hi” and give it one of those Mickey D coupons for a free cone and say adieu or adios or sayonara, or even bon voyage.  Oh and forget I ever mentioned about the 15 year old thread bare nite sirt..and no, there is no stocking cap that goes with that.  It’s the truth I tell ya..the sacred truth.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that and The Clutterfly Effect Festival !!!

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Hello Lovelies,

The promise of spring is truly in the air!  The greens couldn’t be more vivid.  It’s good to be alive.

I was counseling a woman last week who was overburdened by her debt.  It was the first thing on her mind in the morning and it was the last thing on her mind before she went to sleep.  Now, that is some bookends one can do without!

However, she has been doing so much better and making real progress.  She said in session last week that she no longer has the cravings or the need to buy.  She stated that she’s beginning to love nature and she would rather be in nature than in a mall!    I consider that real movement and real healing.  Rejoice!

There is nothing more prosperous than nature.  Try counting blades of grass or leaves on the tree.  The flow of the river is extremely powerful.  I love the birds that gather round our birdfeeder every morning.  They’re not worried where their next meal is coming from.  Nature is plentiful and nature can be enough.

Join us in May for our Cluttterfly Effect Festival..May 17th, 18th and 19th, 20th and then the Launch of our book The Clutterfly Effect on the 21st!!  Talk about fun!  Prizes, Bonuses, Gifts, Spring Cleaning and plenty of rock and roll! More to come on that..

We have two awesome interviews this week with authors Linda Binns and Jacqueline Richards.  We chat about energy and money and debt and prosperity…you can hear them at on Life With the Girlfriends..

Have an amazng week

Christine Marie

I Guarantee You’ll Like These Odds..

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This week on Life With The Girlfriends, Julie and I chatted about a chapter in our new book that’s being released this month. (finally)..The Clutterfly Effect.   This chapter is called the goal-den hour.  It’s a short-ish chapter but it is one of the most powerful.

The goal-den hour is based on the idea that one hour of interior or spiritual work is equal to ten hours of exterior work.  Deepak Chopra speaks to this idea.  Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about this.  Tony Robbins call this time his hour of power.  We call it our bookends to our day.  Whatever you may call it, know that it is important to your goals and overall well-being, as well.

I’m not a gambler but I love these odds.  One hour of interior or spiritual work is equal to ten hours of exterior work.  I heard Oprah talk about this in terms of alignment.  Getting into alignment with your goals and dreams and well-being is absolutely important.  So many of us spend time daily going in the opposite direction.  We have negative thoughts, we spend time fantasizing worse case scenarios, instead of spending that time getting into alignment.

So what’s in the goal-den hour?  Here are some ideas.  Inspirational and motivational reading.  Harlequin Romance novels don’t count ;o)..What about journaling?  Not a diary of your day’s activities, but a journal of what is going on spiritually and emotionally with you and the drection you are headed.  Affirmations are really great inside the goal-den hour.  Affirmations in the right direction.  How many times during the day do we affirm, “I’m such a loser-I can’t do anything right!”  Switch it to, “Every day in every way I’m gettng better and better.”  Or, whatever works for you.  Visualizations are awesome.  How about a visualization where you meet your awesome future self?  She lays it all out for you on how you gotto your dream and goals!

There’s plenty of fun and inspiring things that can go inside your goal-den hour.  Appreciation and gratitude work is important.  Remember, what we appreciate, appreciates.  How about some forgiveness work?  I know a couple who prays for an hour before bedtime.  Whatever works for you.

Get inside the goal-den hour and see how it can begin working for you.  One hour of interior work is equal to ten hours of exterior work.  I guarantee you will like those odds!!

Also, we had a wonderful interview with Sandy Alemian.  She is the author of the book “What was God Thinking?”  Sandy shares in her book, not only her challenges, but those of so many, around the themes of loss, relationships, finances, fear, truth and self-esteem.  She shares her life on these pages, and lets God lovingly bring her back to a place where fear doesn’t exist.


Christine Marie

author of The Clutterfly Effect

co-host of Life WIth The Girlfriends

The Little Shop Said Closed for Remodeling

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My husband had to pick up some papers in Freeport this week.  I made the drive with him because I wanted to stop at one of my favorite candle stores.  As I approached the store, I saw a big red sign that said “closed.”  My heart sank.  Then I saw the rest of the sign.  It said, “Closed for Remodeling.”

I was instantly relieved.  Freeport has been hard hit by the economy and I thought my little hand made candle shop had been hit as well.  However, it was just closed for remodeling.  It’s not a no from the universe–it’s a not now.

It’s not a bad idea to consider being closed for remodeling in our own lives.  Taking some time off to rethink, re-imagine, refocus what’s going on in our lives, can be a really good thing.  In business, it’s good to take inventory.  You get to see what you have, what your missing, and what you’d like to have.

In your personal life, it may be time to be closed for remodeling for a while.  Maybe you want to change directions, revise your course or just do some major or minor interior or exterior decoration.  Everyone gets a chance to reinvent themselves.  Switch the decor up a wee bit.  Prepare for an upgrade.

With spring finally here, it may be an awesome idea for you and me to do a little remodeling.  It could be some physical remodeling.  It could be the remodeling of our business.  It could be the remodeling of our dreams.

Sometimes our dreams get stale.  It may be time to dust them off or shake them up or even grow them up.  Either way, this spring let’s consider being closed a bit for remodeling–or at the very least a really good spring cleaning.


Christine Marie

Check out our podcast Life with The Girlfriends.

I’ve Been Feng Shui-ed!

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This week Julie and I talked about Feng Shui on our podcast Life with the Girlfriends.  I’m a big fan of it.  To me it’s the art of placement and doing all that you can to ensure the flow of positive chi or energy in the home or office or even the car.

I recalled buying goldfish for the health corner of our living room.  Upon arising, I noticed that three of the four little goldfish were floating in the water and not in a good way.  I was shocked and Jules was in tears.  She called the shop where we purchasd them and wanted to know what we did wrong.  We had done everything they had suggested.

It’s a lot like life.  Despite our best intentions, things still manage to go awry.  The owner of the pet store suggested that we had merely purchased “old” goldfish.  Humph..Did he not realize that he was suggesting to us that he had sold us “old” goldfish?

Anyway, I’m still a fan and practicer of Feng Shui.  I have a plant with the some coins in the soil in the prosperity corner of my living room.  I have a Welcome sign in the fame corner of my living room.  I have Deepak Chopra’s book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success in the wisdom corner of my living room.  I have a tree of life plaque in the family corner, as well.

Feng Shui promises that once you create harmony in your home or workplace, you’ll increase your peace, prosperity, happiness, joy, health, love and luck.    I love how the inner and outer worlds connect and influence each other.  As within, so without and vice versa, right?

It’s fun, light hearted, and adds an extra level of depth andself  awareness to the home.  If you haven’t looked into Feng Shui, give it a whirllll and see if the energy flows in the right direction for you.  We have the book Feng Shui in 5 Minutes by Selena Summers but I’m sure there is a lot of free info out there on the subject.  I’m all for clearing any negative clutter in our lives and freeing any stuck energies.

Christine Marie

Co-host of Life With the Girlfriends

Author of The Clutterfly Effect

You’re Welcomed

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We all want New Opportunities, don’t we?  At least we say we do.  But when those New Opportunities come along, are you standing at the front door holding a big welcome sign?  That’s great.  That’s awesome.  You’re saying “I’m ready world,  Here I am just waiting for you and this New Opportunity.”

But what happens a week or two into this New Opportunity.   Is your life getting squeezed by the shiny new thing?  Did you miss you and your main squeeze’s date night?  Maybe you slept right through the Housewives of Beverly Hills (Kim is still kinda crazy even though she is allegedly sober).  Perhaps it’s been two weeks since you’ve shaved your legs.

If this New Opportunity is important to you, then you might want to consider clearing some clutter.  Your life may be filled to the brim.  There may not be any space for your New Opportunity. You may have to ask yourself, “What will I give up in order to become that which I am meant to be?”  My wish for you is that you are willing to ask this question and answer it with some form of personal decluttering.

The clutter may be emotional.  Am I willing to give up my fear of success/failure in order to behold this New Opportunity?  The clutter may be physical.  Am I willing to clean that closet and part with some items that I’m sure Goodwill will love in order to create space for my new business file cabinets etc?

Odds are the clutter is probably behavioral.  What behaviors might you give up and replace with that New Oportunity and all the steps that go with it?  Can you give up finding out who the baby daddy is on Maury Povich?  Can you give up having your home immaculate and settle for just welcoming?

I hope so.  I want that New Opportunity to walk right on past that Welcome sign on your front door and make itself home.  I want it to stir up your life with delicious dissarray and make your  little uncomfortable.  I want you to grow and evolve from this New s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Opportnity.  Ready, set, grow…You are Welcomed.

Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Transformation by Decluttering Your Life

Check out Christine Marie’s podcast at

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