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Let Your Higher Self Hire Yourself

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Hello Lovelies,

What if your Higher Self was the CEO and CFO of you?

What if you reported directly to your higher self?

Would you be up for a promotion or raise?

You know, a lot of times we act and believe as if our past self is the CEO of our lives.  Or that we report directly to our past self.  And how does that make us feel?  Our past self may be disappointed, cynical, and frozen in fear.  Our past self may still be operating as a wounded child.  Our past self is a judge that judges harshly on what we did or failed to do and not on what we have the potential to do.  We may have had a few of those bosses already in our lives.

Our higher self sees our true potential and honors our deep desires.  Our higher self wants our unique individual light to shine.  It wants the music in us to be heard and experienced.  Our higher self is on our side.  Our higher self is our champion, our cheerleader, and our fiercest friend….you know, one of those friends that will bail you out of jail and then kick your ass for being in jail in the first place (because that’s what you needed-a kick in the ass).

So rather than seeing how little you can do for your boss, why not begin impressing your boss.  Go ahead and start impressing your higher self.  Go ahead, make your higher self proud and become irreplaceable.

Big Hugs,


Christine Marie has her Masters in Counseling and is author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Clutterfly Effect.





Einstein’s Theory on Imagination

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Hello Lovelies,

Facebook reminded me of a post I did 6 years ago.  And it holds true even more today.

Einstein said, “Imagination is the preview of your life’s coming attractions.” What are you imagining?

So what are you imagining?  It reminds me that the work we do is always an inside out job.  And you have to see it clearly on the inside first before we can manifest it in the outside world.  Our heart (not our physical heart), is like a garden full of lush soil.  And whatever seeds we are sewing, you can be sure will start to grow.  So what’s going to grow in your garden?

If someone cuts you off in traffic, is your first reaction going to be to give them the finger or to curse them out?  Or have you heard yourself say, “I don’t get mad I get even.”  None of us are perfect here.

But to become conscious of the seeds we are sewing in our hearts is a worthy venture.  Let’s begin the weeding and culling process while the lovely fruits and vegetables begin to take root and grow.

You are worth it!

-Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host o fLife With The Girlfriends on .

Dreams and Beliefs

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Hello Lovelies,

I know I’m like a dog with a bone here, but I still want to talk about your dreams.  You see, I care for you.  And I want you to be and I want you to feel passionate and excited about your life.  Now I’m not talking about sell everything and move to Belize, even though I heard the scuba diving is pretty awesome.  But what I am saying is even though you have full busy lives: kids, grandkids, family, and businesses- I still believe there can be some small patch in your soul that you can resurrect for your unique dream.

So, what have you been planting lately?  Here in Illinois it’s almost time to plant the corn and soybeans.  And in the fall we will be harvesting a lot of corn and soybeans.

So I’m asking you today to simply reflect on the type of thought seeds you’ve been planting lately.  Are they seeds of discontent?  Are they seeds of non-belief?  Are they seeds of lack?  Perhaps even seeds of desperation?

I’d like to share a quick story.   My mother, God rest her soul,  whenever anyone asked her, “How ya doing?” she would always say, “I’m depressed.” Liked a well trained parrot, I picked up those same words-I’m depressed.  Even as a young girl, I used to proclaim that I was depressed whenever anyone asked me how I was doing.  Honestly, I didn’t even know what it meant.  It wasn’t until I was in college when some close friends were making fun of me because I  always said I was depressed, that I became consciously aware of what I was saying.  I was unconsciously planting the seeds of depression.  You bet I deliberately started planting different seeds from that point on.  And we wonder why depression can be multi-generational.

I’m saying all this because I want you to be aware of the thought seeds you are planting.  The thoughts you think relate to how you feel.  Our feelings are the results of our thoughts.  And you attract the good results you want with your feelings.  So where ever you’re at in your life let’s imagine it’s springtime.  And start planting seeds of expectation, joy, rebirth, and hope.  And let’s expect a bumper crop of good things this year.

So start believing.

Many Blessings this year,

-Christine Marie M.A

Christine Marie is Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation” and Radio Co-Host of Life With The Girlfriends on .



The Little Shop Said Closed for Remodeling

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My husband had to pick up some papers in Freeport this week.  I made the drive with him because I wanted to stop at one of my favorite candle stores.  As I approached the store, I saw a big red sign that said “closed.”  My heart sank.  Then I saw the rest of the sign.  It said, “Closed for Remodeling.”

I was instantly relieved.  Freeport has been hard hit by the economy and I thought my little hand made candle shop had been hit as well.  However, it was just closed for remodeling.  It’s not a no from the universe–it’s a not now.

It’s not a bad idea to consider being closed for remodeling in our own lives.  Taking some time off to rethink, re-imagine, refocus what’s going on in our lives, can be a really good thing.  In business, it’s good to take inventory.  You get to see what you have, what your missing, and what you’d like to have.

In your personal life, it may be time to be closed for remodeling for a while.  Maybe you want to change directions, revise your course or just do some major or minor interior or exterior decoration.  Everyone gets a chance to reinvent themselves.  Switch the decor up a wee bit.  Prepare for an upgrade.

With spring finally here, it may be an awesome idea for you and me to do a little remodeling.  It could be some physical remodeling.  It could be the remodeling of our business.  It could be the remodeling of our dreams.

Sometimes our dreams get stale.  It may be time to dust them off or shake them up or even grow them up.  Either way, this spring let’s consider being closed a bit for remodeling–or at the very least a really good spring cleaning.


Christine Marie

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Is it a Hobby? Or is it a Committment?

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There comes that point in each of our lives where we inevitably have to ask ourselves how serious am I about this.  “This” could be anything that you find is always on your wish, dream, or desire list.  Yes, it is always there.  Year after year after year..

Did you ever stop and wonder how sometimes these things that are always on our wish list ends up getting sabotaged?  Life tends to shakes things up for us if we are continually in the realm of Hobbyist and by shaking things up it keeps us in status quo.  It becomes two steps forward and three steps back.

  Are you meaing to write that book?  Perhaps you have some pages written or you have stacksof 3×5 notecards filled with tidbits.  It might be just a well-meaning hobby.

If there is no real forward movement or if it is still sitting on your to-do shelf you might consider this–you have a hobby on your hands.  No judgment here.  It’s just good to know.  The care and feeding of Hobbies are different than the care and feeding of Committments.

However, if you’re at that crossroad where you are just plain tired of having that “thing” that is always on your wish list and you are ready to bring that dream or desire from a hobby into a committment,  there is no time like the present.

  Make this week all about  the steps to take to live in the committfment of your dreams.  Be prepared to deal with all the emotions and feelings that come up when you are truly ready to take that dream from a hobby to a committment.  Look that resistance in the face and see what’s inside of it.  You’re ready.

get your mind out of the gutter..I said Goal-den Hour!!!

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Sign up here for our weekly Hot Topics..Jules and I aim to make the last six months of this year waaaay better than the first for all of watch Hot Topics for what we have up our sleeves..

What to do with that goal-den hour?  It’s been said in many metaphysical circles that an hour of inner work is equal to 10 hours of external work.  Wow!!  So, we’re all about creating that extra goal-den hour a day of inner work so that we can leverage that extra 10 hours of external work.   10 minutes 6 times a day..taking time to consciously breathe…to meditate (there are many different ways)..take time to journal…your thoughts are the previews of your life’s coming about creating a vision board or a mind map and then studying for ten minutes throughout the day…and the list goes on.  We know a very successful woman who creates 5 goal-den hours for herself each day.  She is proof positive of what can be created by doing the internal work first as leverage.  whoo hoo!

Join us Friday night May 21 @ 9:00 pm CST for Christine Marie and Julie Talk Authors!  Our guest will be Dr. Craig Martin author of Elemental Love Styles.  Love and that’s a Hot Topic!!  Come listen and ask your questions in the chatroom.

Cool Stuff Alert!!! Coming In June..”Do ya feel lucky?..well, do ya?  I hope you said yes..and then be on the lookout!


and I hope you dance and keep dreamin’

Christine Marie


  So, may I ask you “Are you doing what you want?

This is a really good time to take stock and ask yourself are you on track for your dreams, desires, and goals?  Or, you may be saying to yourself “what dreams?  who has time for dreams when I barely have time to brush my teeth!”I hope you still are brushing your teeth and flossing as well~~at least those teeth you intend on keeping.

Consider the use of what Julie and I call “the Goal-den Hour.”  You start by giving yourself the gift of 10 minutes for yourself..six times a day.  First , use the first ten minutes just to breathe.  Consciously breathe.  Connect to the breath and big deep belly breaths for ten whole minutes.  You should begin to feel calmer and more open. 

During this time see yourself filling up with Love…all the love you will need for the day.  And if you run out~take some more time to fill up on this precious fuel.

If you haven’t signed up for our weekly ezine be sure you do..we love to stay connected to you!!

R U Ready to Rock n’ Rule Law of Attraction?

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   Hello Fellow Travelers!!  Just wanted to let you know the book Julie was reading the meditation from today is called CREATING MONEY by Sanaya Roman.  Awesome book and profoundly life changing..      Christine Marie  

Join us tonight Friday April 30th for our blogtalkradio interview with the AMAZING AWESOME Steven Barnes!  This will be a fascinating discussion on writing and the process and the Hero Journey..and anything else we will ask this hunka hunka martial artist and all round renaissance man extraordinare..9:00 pm CST on www.blogtalkradio/ there ot be SQ—-!!  See Ya!  and oh yea..we will dish about the wedding !!!                                                                                                          

Bonuses for QSCA    Just click on that link back there…it’s like 5 minutes long.

And here is the link I talked about in the video:

May all your dreams come true.

Christine Marie

Do You Have the Cojones to Let Your Light Shine?

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I want to believe that we are no longer under the old paradigm where change is painful.  That we have to go through trials and tribulations to come out on the other side.

In my therapist days it used to be called going through the dark night of the soul or the hero’s journey.  The dark night of the soul meant grappling with the bigger issues of why am I here and what is, if any, the value in my suffering?   The hero’s journey meant some huge Ulysses- like saga where we met on the road to our home a succession of demons and trials and tricksters of all sorts.

In many cases it meant withdrawing ourselves from our daily lives and our family, friends, and loved ones to go to the mountains in India and study under some guru who would point the way home.

Today, right now, I ab soul lutely believe that we can find our way back home through the path of joy…through the path of choosing to feel good.  I ab soul lutely believe that happiness is our birthright..and prosperity in all its lovely facets…and that the Universe has our back.  I ab soul lutely believe that the Universe loves us, adores us and has our back. 

I ab soul lutely believe that we are light and liquid love and it is our mission and our delight to express that light and liquid love into the Universe and it is my sincere desire to have the cojones (balls) to live in these beliefs in spite of the labeled outside circumstances.  It takes courage.  After all, it’s a lot easier to say “I’m not happy and here’s why.”  (pull out of back pocket long laundry list of grievances)

Dear {insert your name here}

You are cordially invited to experience the most magnificent day of your life.  You may give yourself the most delightful thoughts and feelings.  You may give hugs to yourself and others til you bliss.  And you may sing at the top of your lungs “I’m gonna let this light of mine…shine shine shine  Enjoy the song!

Hug til you bliss

xoxo Christine Marie

Is the Law of Attraction Airie Fairie or Woo Woo?

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Someone said to me the other day (a man) that a lot of people think that the Law of Attraction is “airie fairie ” and considered “woo-woo” out there.  Really?  Most folks I’ve spoken with (men included) tell me that at a deep level they intuitively “know” that there is something to this Law of Attraction and all the other Laws like the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Giving and Receiving.

 I don’t know what is airie fairie about what you put out comes back in kind to you..or that nothing matters more than that you feel good because we magnetize at the level of our feelings.  In my world that is just common sense.  Plus the notion that you consciously make the decision to be responsible for your emotions and the way you feel sounds like a pretty good psychology. 

I think where a lot of people may get The Law of Attraction wrong is that somewhere along the line they heard that with the Law of Attraction you get to rub the Magic Lantern and the Genie appears and grants you that Lexus and the vacation home in Aspen and your very own private jet (pour me another glass of champagne please). 

An integral step in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Giving and Receiving is Inspired Action.  Yes, we live in this 3D world and there is action – movement required but it is Inspired.    What is inspired action?  Well, it stems from being in alignment first with what you desire and when you are in alignment with what you want then your heart or your gut gives you info on what action you might take. 

There is a little thing called “Buffer Time” and buffer time is like bamboo..once bamboo is planted it may take a while before it breaks through  the ground but when it does..look out!! It is one of the fastest growing plants!!  Oh, and by the way, buffer time is called The Law of Gestation. (to be continued)

Christine Marie

Can You Feel Like You Won the Lottery?

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Wanna know what’s cool?  Most people really get it these days.  Years ago when I was a young therapist it would have been very difficult for me to believe much less stand up for the fact that “nothing matters more than that you feel good.” 

But folks from all over the planet write me to say that they know how important it is that they feel good…and they are taking the belief  joyously serious.  We create with our feelings.  It’s that simple.  What we flow out into the Universe comes back to us expanded. 

The Boomerang Effect…That is why we say “I feel like I won the Lottery.”  A new Facebook friend was relating to me that she and her sister decided they wanted to actually win the lottery.  She said they decided to jump up and down and scream and shout and amp the energy up in the room.  After about 15 minutes they were hoarse and a bit exhausted.  While they were drinking some water and cooling down her sister received a phone call saying that her son’s band was selected to play at the Juno Awards in Hollywood…a very big honor.  They were amazed and awestruck what their dance of joy had magnetized into their life..and so quickly. 

Imagination is the preview of your life’s coming imagine feeling like you’ve won the lottery and you will win the prosperity jackpot of your life and feel darn good in the process.  It is so totally cool and awesome to look forward to each day and being surprised and delighted by what they day offers.  Try It.  “I feel like I won the lottery”  and I mean it..can you?  Won’t you be my Facebook Friend  and together we will raise the roof on our prosperity and joy..;o)

Christine Marie

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