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Nurturing Yourself and Our New Podcast- “Life with The Girlfriends”

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Hello Lovelies,

I know many of us are feeling the time change and the resultant lack of light in this three dimensional world.  It is important to honor our bodies and listen to what our bodies are saying for there is much wisdom there.

Are you needing more sleep?  More time for meditation?  Are you needing to do some wonderful stretching?  How about just having more fun and joy? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and put your feet up and listen to our new podcast Life With the Girlfriends at (shameless plug)

With the holidays rapidly appraoching, are you already feeling the rush and pressure of too much to do?  Why not consider making this holiday be in alignment with the new you?  The you that has let go of a lot of the B.S.  The you that has no desire for drama or trauma?

Perhaps think of a new approach for you for the holidays…Once you get past all the Buts and resistance..I know you will come up with an approach that is uniquely yours and works for you!  You have been challenged!!! lol   

Stay in the vibration of joy and abundance..sing and dance like nobody’s listening or looking!  Smile..its good for the brain’s neurotransmitters…there ya go…                                                                

If any Lovelies receive Wisdom or Guided Messages that you would like to share, please send them to us and we will see that they get out to the group.

We know now that this beautiful, powerful evolutionary light that we work with every week on AMP IT UP! and in our private lives is filled with wisdom, guidance, and messages for our personal and group benefit.


Life with The Girlfriends– Christine Marie and Julie’s new weekly podcast has begun! 

Please support us by going to and going to Life with The Girlfriends and downloading our podcast.  It’s a new format for us.  We wanted to mix current topics and entertainment with what’s happening to the girlfriends with a dash of Law of Attraction. 

This weeks podcast is about texting and what happens when you find people texting each other in a group about what is going on in the conversation.  Say What?  Listen and find out..

Coming In January!!!  Hold On To Your Big Girl Panties!!! Just Hold On!!

The Awesomely Amazing and Evolutionary DO DROP INN…(you’ll have the best year ever)


Cosmic Hugs,

Christine Marie and Julie

R U Ready to Rock n’ Rule Law of Attraction?

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   Hello Fellow Travelers!!  Just wanted to let you know the book Julie was reading the meditation from today is called CREATING MONEY by Sanaya Roman.  Awesome book and profoundly life changing..      Christine Marie  

Join us tonight Friday April 30th for our blogtalkradio interview with the AMAZING AWESOME Steven Barnes!  This will be a fascinating discussion on writing and the process and the Hero Journey..and anything else we will ask this hunka hunka martial artist and all round renaissance man extraordinare..9:00 pm CST on www.blogtalkradio/ there ot be SQ—-!!  See Ya!  and oh yea..we will dish about the wedding !!!                                                                                                          

Bonuses for QSCA    Just click on that link back there…it’s like 5 minutes long.

And here is the link I talked about in the video:

May all your dreams come true.

Christine Marie

Amp It Up!!! ..and let’s go for it!!! Prosperity Postcards and 21 Days all free

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Hi all!  Julie and I interviewed Denise Allen on our Friday evening Blogtalkradio show.  She is the author of the book “The Money Poems.”   Anyway, it was a rip-roarin’ great good time.  She is a fabulos guest and we got right to the good stuff.  Go to the BTR archives of the show and listen to it.  It will have your vibration in line right away with all the good that is coming to you.!!

These are exciting times we live in!  Things are opening and the energy on the planet is intensifying.  Don’t believe it?  Just join us for our Thursday call at noon CST–AMP IT UP-20 minutes to Align with the energy and frequency of Unexpected Financial Windfalls.  Every week it gets bigger and bigger.  The cool thing is that this little call has turned into a global call.  Folks from all over the planet participate for these powerful 20 minutes where the collective collaborative energy of the planet rocks us all into high gear.  Dorothy from Mn. just told me she received 500 dollars for a painting she did that she had no thought she would be offered money!  Others have been given free trips and better paying positions, finding work very quickly, a 19,000 contract.

If you have downloaded out free ebook “21 Days to Manifesting Your 3 Big Dreams” you will recieve an invitation to the Windfall Call.  If you have signed up for our free “Prosperity Postcards” you will also be invited to the call.  Tell a friend who could use the upliftment…it’s catching.

Also, Julie and I are starting our Magnetize U class shortly.  8 weeks of turning on your personal magnet to attract money, relationships, peace of mind, careers, etc.  Read just a few of the testimonials and let your soul start to get excited now!!  The teleseminar is next week.  Keep posted because space is limited.

Tonight we Interview Denise Allen on Blogtalkradio..Be there or be Square

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Hey everyone,

On tonight’s radio show Julie and I are interviewing Denise Allen author of  The Money Poems book.  This is a faulous story of how Denise’s grandmother left her poems before she died and in these poems is contained the wisdom of hoiw to achieve prosperity.  It will be a fun and educational interview.  Denise also is a teacher for the Unity Church and teaches on the Science of Success.  Call in with your questions or come to the chatroom prepared to chat prosperity with Julie and myself.

Denise will be with us tonight March 5th at 9:00 pm CST.  You can get there by clicking on this link

Next Friday we will have auther Sandra Underwood.  Her book is titled “Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness.”  No small topic, right? But Sandra story is remarkable and you won’t want to miss it.  If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of losing a beloved unexpectantly you’ll want to hear Sandra’s story.

Turn on your Personal Magnetizer and Make it Rain

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Ok Everyone..

It’s 4 days to the Magnetize and Manifest course…Prepare to be excited!   Prepare to Magnetize and Manifest.  Prepare to release all those annoying financial set points.  Prepare to let go of those or otherwise.  It’s about time,  it’s about you, and it’s about right now.  Dec.2, 9, 16, and 30.  You will have one heckofa jump on the new year.  Join me, Christine Marie, and my daughter Julie as we teach and coach this powerful and empowering course..oh..and get 30 minutes of free coaching with us when you join.  Amp your life up.  Maximize your blessings and manifest your dreams and desires… with visualizations and meditations and processes specifically designed to turn on your personal magnetizer!! 

Christine Marie

Put the Odds in Your Favor!

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Another great radio show last night on blogtalkradio.  Julie (my daughter and business partner) and I came out last night.  We told everyone about the and how our purpose was to 1) feel so good that we felt like we won the lottery 2) to begin attracting and manifesting in our life at that “I feel like I won the lottery “level . 3) Put the odds in our favor of really winning the lottery 4) Keep the winnings..not being part of the 85% that after 2 or 3 years have lost it all and their lives are a wreck.  It all works together..LG  You can go there ( and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards from us..they’re fun andset your day in alignment with what you desire.  I ask you today, “How do you feel like you won the lottery?”  and remember the better it gets-the better it gets!

Christine Marie

“I feel like I won the lottery!”

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I’m going to do it.  I’m going to win the lottery!  How you ask?  First by playing.  (I used to think my odds were the same whether I played or not.) Second, by putting the odds in my favor.  You see, according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like…and our feelings are from where we attract.  So if we’re feeling down, depressed, constricted, we can expect those same experiences and results attracted back to us from the universe.  So I am putting the odds in my favor by saying and claiming and feeling this…”I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”  and I mean it and I am feeling it and I am living it.  I’ll let you know immediately.  I’m counting everything as a win..even a 5 or 10 spot or a free ticket.  However, I am putting on my vision board20 million dollars…I can feel it now.  “I feel like I won the lottery!”  whoo hoo..

Christine Marie


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You know me by now.  I tell it like it is.  So..having said that I need to tell you my experience with my coaching clients and groups.  100% of my clients have said at one point or another “I want to win the lottery!”  For so long I directed their thoughts elsewhere.  Well, no more!!

 I heard them…really heard them.  You see the Law of Attraction basically states like attracts like…or that which is like unto itself is drawn.   Next, the law states that you attract with your feelings…or nothing matters more than that you feel good.  This is a most powerful truth.  Now, I tell my clients this-if you desire to win the lottery you must feel like you won the lottery!!

 So, I created a website where you can go on a daily basis and share a story or two about a time when you felt like you won the lottery.  Jack Canfield shares a couple of stories with us and Christy Whitman as well.  Go there..get in the lottery winning mood and share your stories…by doing this you totally increase your chances of winning the lottery AND you are going to feel like you won the lottery in the meantime…I call this.Win Win.. also sign up for your free daily audio properity postcards at  and put some fun in your a.m. and join me and Julie on blogtalkradio Mon-Wed at 8:00am CST for 45 min of Law of Attraction and Energetic Alignments!

Christine Marie