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I Got To Be Me!!

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Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know if this happens to you.  But sometimes I wake up in the morning with a song in my head and in my heart.  For the last several days I’ve been waking up to Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. or the Sammala as he was affectionately known.  The song?  “I’ve Gotta Be Me.”

We are just a week past Easter.  And I want to ask you a question.    What dream or dreams have you’ve been longing to resurrect?  Or what dreams have you put away for whatever reason?  Busy lives, financial reversals, other obligations…Whatever the reason, it is now time to dust those dreams off and made current-relevant to this day and time.

I invite you to join Julie and I as we dust off and resurrect a dream.  I’m going to quote Sammy here.  “I won’t give up on this dream of life.  Dream that makes me what I am.”  If you haven’t heard it ever or in a while give it a listen.  It’s worth it.  And remember, let the pain push you until the vision can pull you.


For a free visualization by yours truly, click here.

-Christine Marie M.A.

Co-host of Life with The Girlfriends on BBSRadio and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Clutterfly Effect.  Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.

It’s Here….Clutterfly Effect Festival Days! Be there or be square ‘o)

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Hi All You Lovelies Out There,

Hope you all had a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.  I was served breakfast in my recliner.  I threw my back out last week and have been on the mend and only find real relief in my recliner.  But, breakfast was wonderful.  Anybody else just love those cuties–tiny oranges that peel like a breeze.  They have replaced grapefruit in the a.m. for me.

So, this is the beginning of The Clutterfly Effect Festival Days this week!  It’s kinda sorta cool that I can do it all from my recliner..;o)..Friday, we start off with an AMPED UP AMP IT UP.  Be with us as we go the that field of pure potentiality and plant the seeds of our dreams.  Let’s see all the miracles and blessings that take root.  Remember, the seeds have to be planted first!

Then Saturday and Sunday join us for Clearing the Clutter–three hours on Sat. 9-12 and three hours on Sun. 9-12.  Monday we are going to experience our powerful DRIP meditation (Deeply Relaxed Intention Process)  Hold on to your socks!  And then TUESDAY is The Launch of THE CLUTTERFLY EFFECT…We will have guests and exciting interviews from 9a.m.-9p.m.!!  Every hour on the hour a new guest wll be on to chat about their bonus that you will receive if you buy the book on Tuesday May 21st between 9am and 9pm…We even have musician Karen Drucker who sings The Clutterfly Effect Anthem One Small Step…she is incredible!

Anyway, we had some beautiful extra large Clutterfly Effect tote bags made up to give away  and we are giving away a kindle and a 50 dollar Amazon gift certificate.  Holy Cow–be there or be square!

I need to say a BIG thank you to all the wonderful friends who are offering spectacular bonuses on May 21st.  So, if you buy the book on May 21st, you will get some awesome bonuses and we are giving you the AUDIO of our book The Clutterfly Effect as a gift… And we are giving away the AUDIO of Wallace Wattles The Science of Getting Rich…Julie and I had a BLAST doing the audio for the books.  I am planing one more bonus..but I need to keep mum about it for now..’o)

If you go to you can see our book trailer video and then click on Clutterfly Effect Festival Days and you can see the schedule for everything..Hopefully you can hear our Clutterfly Effect Anthem-  One Small Step..but we are trying to get it all complete soon…

So, its stacking up to be one awesome, fun, amazing and audacious week!

Love to you


Christine Marie


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Morning all…Let’s make this a wonderful week full of appreciation and deep gratitude for all that we have.   It is such a joy to be able to look at what is right and what is working in our lives as opposed to what is wrong and what is not working.  Remember, Law of Attraction is like a boomerang..what you focus on or what you are giving out is what comes back to you.  So, wouldn’t you love joy and appreciation and happiness and ease and effortlessness and non-drama and non-trauma to come back to you.  Try feeling Like you won the Lottery.  That feels wonderful..and, as the song says, “Leave Your Worries On the Doorstep,”  Life can be so sweet on the Sunny Side of the Street.

Big Hugs,

Christine Marie

p.s.  Put on your calenadar the Clutterfly Effect Weekend starting on Friday May 17th with an AMPED UP AMP IT UP! and then we are doing a clearing the clutter weekend.  It’s a celebration for our release of our book “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweek Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.”  There will be contests, prizes, and much fun:)

Intuition~Are you getting your downloads?

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Interested in Law of Attraction and Prosperity Coaching?  Click on the coaching tab above!!!

Hello Lovelies..

There has been so much chatter on the web about intuition lately.  Intution.  Is it going to give the numbers for the big jackpot?  Is it going to tell you where you are going to meet your soul mate?

For me, there are times that I get direct “hits.”  However, it’s not that often.  But I am always open to those direct hits.  In the matters of intuition I feel that Heart Work is much more important.

Maybe they are one and the same thing-maybe not.  But I know for sure we all have access to our Hearts.  Sure, it is a matter of cultivating our connection to our hearts..and it is important to learn how to make the 12 inch journey from our head down to our heart.  And, that takes time..attention..intention.  It takes learning to listen with our “inner ear” and it takes a real basic element of trust.

The cool thing about making the twelve inch journey is that you can look back on your life and say with no regrets, “I always listened to my heart.”  Really..that is cool. The heart has its own path and that is hardly ever a straight line.  In fact, it probably looks like a kaliedescope of puzzle pieces that is only made clear by unconditional love and unwavering trust. (“I’ll have a glass of each, bartender.”)

It’s important to add a small sentence or two on fear.  Fear is usually ego if you find yourself in fear that is a real good time to quiet the monkey mind and connect to the heart.  The heart will calm you.  The heart will give you peace.  The heart will give you clarity.  The heart will give you courage.  In fact, the Latin root word of  the word courage is “heart.’

Is the path of the heart quick?  Probably not.  Why?  My take is it knows if you are truly ready and prepared for what you want.  The heart loves you in a way that you probably don’t even love yourself.  So, the next time someone offers you a free intuition course~come prepared to check in with your heart…you can trust your gut on that ;o)

Christine Marie

R U Ready to Rock n’ Rule Law of Attraction?

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   Hello Fellow Travelers!!  Just wanted to let you know the book Julie was reading the meditation from today is called CREATING MONEY by Sanaya Roman.  Awesome book and profoundly life changing..      Christine Marie  

Join us tonight Friday April 30th for our blogtalkradio interview with the AMAZING AWESOME Steven Barnes!  This will be a fascinating discussion on writing and the process and the Hero Journey..and anything else we will ask this hunka hunka martial artist and all round renaissance man extraordinare..9:00 pm CST on www.blogtalkradio/ there ot be SQ—-!!  See Ya!  and oh yea..we will dish about the wedding !!!                                                                                                          

Bonuses for QSCA    Just click on that link back there…it’s like 5 minutes long.

And here is the link I talked about in the video:

May all your dreams come true.

Christine Marie

Spring has Sprung

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 How’s it going for you?  It is finallay spring here and I’ve been pondering on the adage “Hope Springs Eternal.”  Hope is a good thing.  And, legitimate hope is an even better thing.  What gives us legitimate hope?  What gives us authentic, realistic hope?

Coming to the understanding that we live in an amazing universe that is on our side. ..that this universe has our back..that this universe loves us and adores us.  The universe is always working in our favor.

Now, how do we get to the belief that the above is true?  CUZ  I said so, that’s why.  Just kidding.  But Einstein did say at the end of his life~”there are only two ways to live your life-one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything  is a miracle.

Ultimately it is a matter of faith and for many it is a leap of faith.  Good ol’ faith.  Perhaps it is better said that “Faith springs eternal.”  I love seeing life as a miracle always waiting to surprise and delight me.  The pelicans have arrived here.  They stop over on their way to  wherever.  But every year it is always a treasure to see them and it does signal spring is finally here.  Maybe it is good to say that, “Spring keeps hope eternal.”

Please join us this Friday evening at 9:00 pm CST as Julie and I interview authors Stewart and Janet Swerdlow.  We LOVE these guys and it is our hope that we don’t do too much gushing and fawning over them.  They are the authors of True Blood Blue Blood and1000 Affirmations and The True Reality of Sexuality and more…and lots of DVD’s on simultaneous existances and other phenomenom and they have awesome seminars you can attend and you can travel with them to exotic locations to understand the “real” history of things.  Listen, call in with your questions or comments and tell your friends on the “fringe.”  It’ll be a good time.

Here’s the link to the radio show.

Also, please join us on Thursday’s AMP IT UP-20 minutes to align with the energy of Unexpected Financial Windfalls.  It starts at noon CST.

Love to all,

Christine Marie

Amp It Up!!! ..and let’s go for it!!! Prosperity Postcards and 21 Days all free

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Hi all!  Julie and I interviewed Denise Allen on our Friday evening Blogtalkradio show.  She is the author of the book “The Money Poems.”   Anyway, it was a rip-roarin’ great good time.  She is a fabulos guest and we got right to the good stuff.  Go to the BTR archives of the show and listen to it.  It will have your vibration in line right away with all the good that is coming to you.!!

These are exciting times we live in!  Things are opening and the energy on the planet is intensifying.  Don’t believe it?  Just join us for our Thursday call at noon CST–AMP IT UP-20 minutes to Align with the energy and frequency of Unexpected Financial Windfalls.  Every week it gets bigger and bigger.  The cool thing is that this little call has turned into a global call.  Folks from all over the planet participate for these powerful 20 minutes where the collective collaborative energy of the planet rocks us all into high gear.  Dorothy from Mn. just told me she received 500 dollars for a painting she did that she had no thought she would be offered money!  Others have been given free trips and better paying positions, finding work very quickly, a 19,000 contract.

If you have downloaded out free ebook “21 Days to Manifesting Your 3 Big Dreams” you will recieve an invitation to the Windfall Call.  If you have signed up for our free “Prosperity Postcards” you will also be invited to the call.  Tell a friend who could use the upliftment…it’s catching.

Also, Julie and I are starting our Magnetize U class shortly.  8 weeks of turning on your personal magnet to attract money, relationships, peace of mind, careers, etc.  Read just a few of the testimonials and let your soul start to get excited now!!  The teleseminar is next week.  Keep posted because space is limited.

Tonight we Interview Denise Allen on Blogtalkradio..Be there or be Square

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Hey everyone,

On tonight’s radio show Julie and I are interviewing Denise Allen author of  The Money Poems book.  This is a faulous story of how Denise’s grandmother left her poems before she died and in these poems is contained the wisdom of hoiw to achieve prosperity.  It will be a fun and educational interview.  Denise also is a teacher for the Unity Church and teaches on the Science of Success.  Call in with your questions or come to the chatroom prepared to chat prosperity with Julie and myself.

Denise will be with us tonight March 5th at 9:00 pm CST.  You can get there by clicking on this link

Next Friday we will have auther Sandra Underwood.  Her book is titled “Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness.”  No small topic, right? But Sandra story is remarkable and you won’t want to miss it.  If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of losing a beloved unexpectantly you’ll want to hear Sandra’s story.

Can You Feel Like You Won the Lottery?

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Wanna know what’s cool?  Most people really get it these days.  Years ago when I was a young therapist it would have been very difficult for me to believe much less stand up for the fact that “nothing matters more than that you feel good.” 

But folks from all over the planet write me to say that they know how important it is that they feel good…and they are taking the belief  joyously serious.  We create with our feelings.  It’s that simple.  What we flow out into the Universe comes back to us expanded. 

The Boomerang Effect…That is why we say “I feel like I won the Lottery.”  A new Facebook friend was relating to me that she and her sister decided they wanted to actually win the lottery.  She said they decided to jump up and down and scream and shout and amp the energy up in the room.  After about 15 minutes they were hoarse and a bit exhausted.  While they were drinking some water and cooling down her sister received a phone call saying that her son’s band was selected to play at the Juno Awards in Hollywood…a very big honor.  They were amazed and awestruck what their dance of joy had magnetized into their life..and so quickly. 

Imagination is the preview of your life’s coming imagine feeling like you’ve won the lottery and you will win the prosperity jackpot of your life and feel darn good in the process.  It is so totally cool and awesome to look forward to each day and being surprised and delighted by what they day offers.  Try It.  “I feel like I won the lottery”  and I mean it..can you?  Won’t you be my Facebook Friend  and together we will raise the roof on our prosperity and joy..;o)

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls..are in the air..

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We are doing another AMP IT UP-ALIGN WITH UNEXPECTED FINANCIAL WINDFALLS!!  Thursday 9:00 a.m. CST!  20 minutes to set you in alignment to your unexpected financial windfalls.  It’s fun, it’s joy, and it gets results!!  You’re worth 20 minutes!!  If you are signed up for prosperity postcards you will be notified of the number or link to the webinar!! or  ..

I’ve already attracted 1900 dollars since last week-my husband attracted a 5000 dollar contract very unexpectedly and Julie manifested the absolute perfect resource person to sell some products on ebay and she has already sold over a thousand dollars…the better it gets..the better it the universe or Source or All that Is and begin believing..

Christine Marie

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