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Let Your Higher Self Hire Yourself

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Hello Lovelies,

What if your Higher Self was the CEO and CFO of you?

What if you reported directly to your higher self?

Would you be up for a promotion or raise?

You know, a lot of times we act and believe as if our past self is the CEO of our lives.  Or that we report directly to our past self.  And how does that make us feel?  Our past self may be disappointed, cynical, and frozen in fear.  Our past self may still be operating as a wounded child.  Our past self is a judge that judges harshly on what we did or failed to do and not on what we have the potential to do.  We may have had a few of those bosses already in our lives.

Our higher self sees our true potential and honors our deep desires.  Our higher self wants our unique individual light to shine.  It wants the music in us to be heard and experienced.  Our higher self is on our side.  Our higher self is our champion, our cheerleader, and our fiercest friend….you know, one of those friends that will bail you out of jail and then kick your ass for being in jail in the first place (because that’s what you needed-a kick in the ass).

So rather than seeing how little you can do for your boss, why not begin impressing your boss.  Go ahead and start impressing your higher self.  Go ahead, make your higher self proud and become irreplaceable.

Big Hugs,


Christine Marie has her Masters in Counseling and is author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Clutterfly Effect.