Bamboo Time

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My first thought today is to continue with my Dirty Harry impersonation..that’s because at my core I believe that nothing exceeds like excess..and I tend to always go too far.  So, I shall pull the reins back and NOT do my Eastwood…but that shouldn’t keep you from still imagining me doing it..(te he te he)..While I have you under my control and in my power I will now implant the HRPuffinstuff song.. h r pufinstuff..hypnotizeddon’t hate me just cause I can do this stuff.

On my screensaver I have a pic of a bamboo forest.  Why?  It is an instant reminder to me about the Law of Gestation~the time it takes to manifest things from the non physical into the physical..once bamboo is planted it takes a long time before its tender little shoots even break ground…oh but when it does LOOK OUT.  THAT BAMBOO CAN GROW 80 feet in a week..(first warning~ I tend to speak in hyperbole).  But you get the point.  So..don’t quit.  don’t give up..Your dreams, like the tiny bamboo shoot, may not have broken the ground yet…  but it  still  growing underground and the Universe is arranging all its bamboo molecules so that once it breaks ground it can go from 0 to100 in a heartbeat.

I want to go to San Diego..lay on the beach..look at the ocean..enjoy the sea of humanity..But, alas, I am in Tucson.  Trips can be fun and enjoyable and this trip will be as well.  I decided that I will not turn around and go back to Tucson just because I am in Nevada.  I am just not in San Diego…yet. Just like those bamboo shoots have not broken ground yet.  But how many times have we given up on a dream or a desire because we hadn’t “seen” evidence of it, YET.??

Hence, a little thing I like to call BUFFER TIME.his pants are too big  What have you been gestating that hasn’t shown up in your 3-D world of experience YET?  Just because you’re not in San Diego are you gonna turn around and “go backwards” or even “quit”. C’mon. You’re made of tougher substance than that..In fact, you are made up of the same things the planet, the universe, the stars are made of…..Now, fold up your lawn chairs, get back in your camper, get out that crusty Atlas, fill up your gas tank and point yourself in the direction of San Diego.  You’ve got BAMBOO waiting.


Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host of Life With The Girlfriends on .

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