Einstein’s Theory on Imagination

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Hello Lovelies,

Facebook reminded me of a post I did 6 years ago.  And it holds true even more today.

Einstein said, “Imagination is the preview of your life’s coming attractions.” What are you imagining?

So what are you imagining?  It reminds me that the work we do is always an inside out job.  And you have to see it clearly on the inside first before we can manifest it in the outside world.  Our heart (not our physical heart), is like a garden full of lush soil.  And whatever seeds we are sewing, you can be sure will start to grow.  So what’s going to grow in your garden?

If someone cuts you off in traffic, is your first reaction going to be to give them the finger or to curse them out?  Or have you heard yourself say, “I don’t get mad I get even.”  None of us are perfect here.

But to become conscious of the seeds we are sewing in our hearts is a worthy venture.  Let’s begin the weeding and culling process while the lovely fruits and vegetables begin to take root and grow.

You are worth it!

-Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host o fLife With The Girlfriends on BBSRadio.com .

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