No Deposit No Return

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Speaking of goals and dreams, have you ever noticed there is no such thing as coasting or middle ground? It is a fact of life that you can’t coast or stay in the middle ground without you noticing you’re slipping behind and everyone else is moving ahead.

Abraham Hicks usually ends her seminars with the idea that we are perfectly incomplete.  It’s true.  Therefore there is no coasting.  There is no middle ground- only sewing seed in the good ground of being perfectly incomplete.

So let’s take a quick look at the pillars in your life:  spiritual, health, finance, career, service, and friends and family.  Is there an area that after taking an honest look at you would say that you’ve been coasting?  That you’ve stopped funding its spiritual bank account?  Well, today make a deposit and move back into growth cycle instead of living off the interested that you funded to date.

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Dare to Dream!

-Christine Marie M.A.

Christine Marie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Life Optimization Coach, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation By Decluttering Your Life” and Radio Co-Host o fLife With The Girlfriends on .


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  • Greg says:

    I really love your blogs and your podcasts. You two are very funny. The idea that if you are not making deposits into your spititual bank account you are living on interest is very interesting. I plan on working on this. Thanks for all that you two girlfriends do.

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