Motivate then Dominate

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Just wondering.   When you have some pretty big goals that aren’t going to happen over night, what keeps you motivated?  What keeps you motivated when the obstacles hit or progress is going slower than you anticipated?

Let’s assume you burned the boats.  What I mean by that is you made a quality decision.  You’re not going back or giving up.  So how do you traverse those down times?  What do you do when momentum stalls and motivation wanes?

Here’s three suggestions.  Remember, that you are coming from a place of victory.  That means all you have to do is walk through the plan.  Knowing you are coming from a place of victory means your attitude can be one of achievement and success not disappointment and discouragement (which are always dream killers).

Also, be comfortable with the small failures along the way.  Author Seth Godin said that he probably has more successes than the average guy but probably twice as many failures as well.  So get use to failing.  And remember that fail stands for Forge Ahead In Leverage:)

And, fast forward your life 2 years from now.  What would it look like if you just kept moving toward your dream?  What does it look like five years from if you never stopped regardless of what happens?  Now see your life 5 years from now if you decide to quite.

There is really no choice but to NOT QUITE.  Remember it is not a nine inning game.  You don’t quit until you win.  This is when you dominate.


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Dare to Dream!

-Christine Marie M.A.

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