Your Dreams and The Power of Your Emotions

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Hello Lovelies,

What do your emotions have to do with your dreams?

Let’s say you’ve dusted off a long held dream from the back of the shelf.  And, let’s say you’ve made that dream relevant to your life today.  And it looks pretty good.  You got some brand new hope.  There’s some fresh air that’s entered into your life.

So what happens when some old crappy feelings rear their ugly heads?  I’m going to say again that nothing matters more than that you feel good.  Does this mean you stuff all your feelings down in exchange for a faux happy feeling?  Of course not!  But it is important to have a plan or blueprint in place to move your low level feelings legitimately up the better feeling scale.

And why is this important?  We attract from our true legitimate feelings.  If you find yourself in  a wishy-washy state, then it’s no wonder that you are having mixed results.  If this sounds like a little bit of voodoo, it’s not.  It’s based on a Universal Law of Like attracting Like.  And this law is just as powerful as the Law of Gravity and the Law of Lift and Thrust for an airplane.

So remember, if you are totally down in the dumps and got up on the wrong side of the bed, you can gently sweetly coax yourself to a better feeling place.  Think about grabbing a cup of tea and taking a few deep breaths.  Give thanks for the brand new day.  And experience a better feeling.

Check out this song this week. ” Feelings” by the great Ella Fitzgerald.  That’s one silky smooth  voice.

Next week we’ll talk about how our feelings are the result of our deep seated thoughts in our heart.


-Christine Marie M.A.

Co-host of Life with The Girlfriends on BBSRadio and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Clutterfly Effect.  Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.

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