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Why Can’t I Finish Anything?

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Julie here.  I want to let you in on a little secret and problem I have been having lately.

I just can’t finish anything.  And finally I had enough when Christine Marie A.K.A Mom said, “Julie, what is going on with you.  You can’t finish anything.  And that’s not like you.  You need to figure out what’s going on”

She’s absolutely right.  I have several things I’m working on from selling a motorcycle on ebay that I can’t get up to creating an app.  And with every new and exciting idea that I have, my list of things I want to complete just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Jack Canfield talks about connecting with Completion Consciousness.  There are so many times we get to the place where we almost finish something but then we stop.  We never do the last 10% to actually complete the project or get our idea to a place that can really benefit us.

Why?  Here’s what I’ve come up with.  Starting a project feels incredibly fun and exciting…bursting with anticipation and possibilities.  And once the real work begins, energy fades.  Things don’t go as planned, problems come up, and at some point,  negative thoughts pop in my head.  Do any of these ring a bell for you?

1)  This is taking way too much time…. for the pay off.

2)  There are so many little obstacles popping up……maybe I’m not supposed to do it now.

3)  This is costing me more money……when will it stop ?

4)  Maybe this new project is a better way to spend my time, money, energy.  Maybe I’m in alignment with that.  (And then the project never gets done.)

We can get in a cycle where it is just hard to complete things.  It starts weighing on us and it takes precious energy from us.  And that’s where I’m at today…feeling weighed down and not feeling very successful.  Which is not a place where I want to stay.

So if you are like me and find yourself in this cycle of not completing and finishing things….

I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME!  Let’s make some space by clearing the clutter from our lives and breathe some fresh new energy.  That old energy of not finishing things is taking up valuable real estate.

Here’s the plan:

1)  List all the things you haven’t finished but have not let go of.

2)  Pick the top 5 that you are going to complete.

3)  Activate the 3 D’s (not double d’s -that’s my bra size:)  Decide, Delegate, or Delete.

4)  Decide right now which tasks you can do yourself and pick one to do first.

5)  Delegate the ones you can get help on.  It’s amazing how much people want to help.

6)  Delete once and for all the ones that no longer support who you are or that are not that important.

7)  Put an end date on it.  I don’t know your list, but I’ve cleared my dance card and I’m giving myself 1 week to get the top 5 things done.  I’ll check back with you on Monday to let you know how I did.

My list may not get competed as planned, but it will get completed!  And I am going to celebrate next Monday!

Join me!  You can do it!   Let’s change the trajectory of our lives right now and get  on that completion consciousness train.

Here’s to you and your success,


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