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I Confess…I have beliefs that no longer serve me

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I confess…confession is good for the, I confess.  Now I am having second thoughts.  Let me reconsider.  I may just be able to write today’s stuff and just not confess what I was going to confess.  Instead, I want to revisit those old belief systems that are well worn and oh so very comfortable.  A belief  so mightily ingrained that it can’t even be seen or spotted anymore.

It is truly part of the landscape.   Like a comfortable old night shirt~thread bare~barely hanging on~and a material diary of the last 15 years, an outmoded belief that really no longer serves you ~ yet, you continue to entertain it.  Yes, it knocks on your door and you let it in.  Not only do you let it in but you have the room lit with candles and mood lighting, there is some Barry White in the background, and you pour wine for the two of you from a box.  You entertain that serve it wine..and you may even have a roll in the hay with it.. In the morning you wake up,,your mascara streaked, schmeared, and schmudged and you smell of cheap wine and pity.

Next time, when the door bell rings you can answer it..but..instead of inviting that old belief of lack, poverty, victimhood, constriction,or whatever you name it in to your head just say “Hi” and give it one of those Mickey D coupons for a free cone and say adieu or adios or sayonara, or even bon voyage.  Oh and forget I ever mentioned about the 15 year old thread bare nite sirt..and no, there is no stocking cap that goes with that.  It’s the truth I tell ya..the sacred truth.