I’ve Been Feng Shui-ed!

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This week Julie and I talked about Feng Shui on our podcast Life with the Girlfriends.  I’m a big fan of it.  To me it’s the art of placement and doing all that you can to ensure the flow of positive chi or energy in the home or office or even the car.

I recalled buying goldfish for the health corner of our living room.  Upon arising, I noticed that three of the four little goldfish were floating in the water and not in a good way.  I was shocked and Jules was in tears.  She called the shop where we purchasd them and wanted to know what we did wrong.  We had done everything they had suggested.

It’s a lot like life.  Despite our best intentions, things still manage to go awry.  The owner of the pet store suggested that we had merely purchased “old” goldfish.  Humph..Did he not realize that he was suggesting to us that he had sold us “old” goldfish?

Anyway, I’m still a fan and practicer of Feng Shui.  I have a plant with the some coins in the soil in the prosperity corner of my living room.  I have a Welcome sign in the fame corner of my living room.  I have Deepak Chopra’s book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success in the wisdom corner of my living room.  I have a tree of life plaque in the family corner, as well.

Feng Shui promises that once you create harmony in your home or workplace, you’ll increase your peace, prosperity, happiness, joy, health, love and luck.    I love how the inner and outer worlds connect and influence each other.  As within, so without and vice versa, right?

It’s fun, light hearted, and adds an extra level of depth andself  awareness to the home.  If you haven’t looked into Feng Shui, give it a whirllll and see if the energy flows in the right direction for you.  We have the book Feng Shui in 5 Minutes by Selena Summers but I’m sure there is a lot of free info out there on the subject.  I’m all for clearing any negative clutter in our lives and freeing any stuck energies.

Christine Marie

Co-host of Life With the Girlfriends

Author of The Clutterfly Effect

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