You’re Welcomed

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We all want New Opportunities, don’t we?  At least we say we do.  But when those New Opportunities come along, are you standing at the front door holding a big welcome sign?  That’s great.  That’s awesome.  You’re saying “I’m ready world,  Here I am just waiting for you and this New Opportunity.”

But what happens a week or two into this New Opportunity.   Is your life getting squeezed by the shiny new thing?  Did you miss you and your main squeeze’s date night?  Maybe you slept right through the Housewives of Beverly Hills (Kim is still kinda crazy even though she is allegedly sober).  Perhaps it’s been two weeks since you’ve shaved your legs.

If this New Opportunity is important to you, then you might want to consider clearing some clutter.  Your life may be filled to the brim.  There may not be any space for your New Opportunity. You may have to ask yourself, “What will I give up in order to become that which I am meant to be?”  My wish for you is that you are willing to ask this question and answer it with some form of personal decluttering.

The clutter may be emotional.  Am I willing to give up my fear of success/failure in order to behold this New Opportunity?  The clutter may be physical.  Am I willing to clean that closet and part with some items that I’m sure Goodwill will love in order to create space for my new business file cabinets etc?

Odds are the clutter is probably behavioral.  What behaviors might you give up and replace with that New Oportunity and all the steps that go with it?  Can you give up finding out who the baby daddy is on Maury Povich?  Can you give up having your home immaculate and settle for just welcoming?

I hope so.  I want that New Opportunity to walk right on past that Welcome sign on your front door and make itself home.  I want it to stir up your life with delicious dissarray and make your  little uncomfortable.  I want you to grow and evolve from this New s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Opportnity.  Ready, set, grow…You are Welcomed.

Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Transformation by Decluttering Your Life

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