And the Oscar for Best Effort with Heart and Soul goes to..

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In this week’s podcast of Life With the Girlfriends we talk about the Academy Awards.  Of course, we acknowledge that Bradley Cooper, George Clooney and Ben Affleck are hotties.  We also acknowledge that Naomi Watts had the best dress and hair.  Is it just me or is she a shape shifter? 

Julie and I are from Illinois–you know..Land of Lincoln.  There are sooo many movies about Abraham Lincoln.  Did you see the one where he fights vampires?  What is it with the Lincoln stuff?  I, for one, still feel it is too soon to be doing movies about Lincoln…;o)

Anyway, the Academy Awards made us think about overnight successes.  We think that maybe these stars are just plain lucky.  They took the first bus to Hollywood and found thenselves an agent and voila! Overnight Success!!  However, most have honed and practiced their craft for years and years.  Waiting tables and parking cars while auditioning over and over and over.  A small part here.  A speaking part there…years of struggling and maybe even living on money good ol’ Mom and Dad send.  A care package from Aunt Erma once a month helped too.

Let’s face it.  Anything that’s good is worth the time and effort.  That goes for me and you, too.  You didn’t grab the brass ring straight out on the very first try?  Well, keep trying.  You’ll get there.  Keep tweaking your way there. You’re worth it and you’ll get there.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate every tweak of the way.  Get out your best glamorous dress and jewelry and celebrate what you’re doing and give yourself an Oscar for best effort with heart and soul.  I can hear your thank you speech now.  It’s a pip.


Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.”

p.s.  Save March 16th for a Clutterfly Effect Saturday from 9-noon CST.  It’s where we meet at the top of each hour for alignment and setting the intention…then we get “busy” clearing away the clutter.  More details to come.

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