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I’ve Been Feng Shui-ed!

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This week Julie and I talked about Feng Shui on our podcast Life with the Girlfriends.  I’m a big fan of it.  To me it’s the art of placement and doing all that you can to ensure the flow of positive chi or energy in the home or office or even the car.

I recalled buying goldfish for the health corner of our living room.  Upon arising, I noticed that three of the four little goldfish were floating in the water and not in a good way.  I was shocked and Jules was in tears.  She called the shop where we purchasd them and wanted to know what we did wrong.  We had done everything they had suggested.

It’s a lot like life.  Despite our best intentions, things still manage to go awry.  The owner of the pet store suggested that we had merely purchased “old” goldfish.  Humph..Did he not realize that he was suggesting to us that he had sold us “old” goldfish?

Anyway, I’m still a fan and practicer of Feng Shui.  I have a plant with the some coins in the soil in the prosperity corner of my living room.  I have a Welcome sign in the fame corner of my living room.  I have Deepak Chopra’s book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success in the wisdom corner of my living room.  I have a tree of life plaque in the family corner, as well.

Feng Shui promises that once you create harmony in your home or workplace, you’ll increase your peace, prosperity, happiness, joy, health, love and luck.    I love how the inner and outer worlds connect and influence each other.  As within, so without and vice versa, right?

It’s fun, light hearted, and adds an extra level of depth andself  awareness to the home.  If you haven’t looked into Feng Shui, give it a whirllll and see if the energy flows in the right direction for you.  We have the book Feng Shui in 5 Minutes by Selena Summers but I’m sure there is a lot of free info out there on the subject.  I’m all for clearing any negative clutter in our lives and freeing any stuck energies.

Christine Marie

Co-host of Life With the Girlfriends

Author of The Clutterfly Effect

You’re Welcomed

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We all want New Opportunities, don’t we?  At least we say we do.  But when those New Opportunities come along, are you standing at the front door holding a big welcome sign?  That’s great.  That’s awesome.  You’re saying “I’m ready world,  Here I am just waiting for you and this New Opportunity.”

But what happens a week or two into this New Opportunity.   Is your life getting squeezed by the shiny new thing?  Did you miss you and your main squeeze’s date night?  Maybe you slept right through the Housewives of Beverly Hills (Kim is still kinda crazy even though she is allegedly sober).  Perhaps it’s been two weeks since you’ve shaved your legs.

If this New Opportunity is important to you, then you might want to consider clearing some clutter.  Your life may be filled to the brim.  There may not be any space for your New Opportunity. You may have to ask yourself, “What will I give up in order to become that which I am meant to be?”  My wish for you is that you are willing to ask this question and answer it with some form of personal decluttering.

The clutter may be emotional.  Am I willing to give up my fear of success/failure in order to behold this New Opportunity?  The clutter may be physical.  Am I willing to clean that closet and part with some items that I’m sure Goodwill will love in order to create space for my new business file cabinets etc?

Odds are the clutter is probably behavioral.  What behaviors might you give up and replace with that New Oportunity and all the steps that go with it?  Can you give up finding out who the baby daddy is on Maury Povich?  Can you give up having your home immaculate and settle for just welcoming?

I hope so.  I want that New Opportunity to walk right on past that Welcome sign on your front door and make itself home.  I want it to stir up your life with delicious dissarray and make your  little uncomfortable.  I want you to grow and evolve from this New s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Opportnity.  Ready, set, grow…You are Welcomed.

Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Transformation by Decluttering Your Life

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The Four Agreements plus One!

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This week Julie and I are chatting about the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It’s an oldish book but is being reissued or reanimated this week.  Don was on Oprah and, if you can believe this, The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Speaking of the Millionaire Matchmaker, we interviewed Dr. Love from the Millionaire Matchmaker on Life With the Girlfriends.  Six degrees of separation, I tell ya.  So, Don Miguel, anytime you feel like chatting up Christine Marie and Julie on Life With the Girlfriends, we’re here for you.

The first agreement is to speak with impeccability.  How important are our words?  On a scale of one to ten-a hundred!  How many times do we forget and let the F bomb fly..especially toward ourselves.  How many times do we sit back and dish and diss about others?  How many times have we made a promise to ourselves and then quickly failed t keep it?  I’m just saying.

The second agreement is don’t take things personally.  Ouch!  Especially when it comes to my hubby.  He can say one thing rather carelessly and I’m good to go for at least an hour.  Sorry, Stormin’ Norman.  I forgot the second agreement and I took your comment not just personally-but way too personally!

The third agreement is dont make assumptions.  Remember in school the nuns would write on the chalkboard Assume is to make an ASS out of U and Me?  No?  Well, it is just as true now as it was thirty five years ago.  What assumptions have you made that wasted your precious time and energy?  Really?  You don’t say..

The fourth agreement is always do yor best. Hmmm.  Like the woman on Oprah said, “Some days my best is just getting out of bed.”  Some days are diamonds, some days are rust.  However, our mothers may have had something when they preached, ” If it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right.”  My Mom would add, “Give it the old college try.” you think our parents might have been right?

I’m adding a fifth agreement here and now.  When the Clutterfly Effect comes out in a few weeks, agree to purchase it.  There is a whole lot of awesomeness in gifts, prizes and bonuses attached to it.  I can’t wait…really.  Can I get an Amen?  How about a Woo Hoo?

Christine Marie

And the Oscar for Best Effort with Heart and Soul goes to..

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In this week’s podcast of Life With the Girlfriends we talk about the Academy Awards.  Of course, we acknowledge that Bradley Cooper, George Clooney and Ben Affleck are hotties.  We also acknowledge that Naomi Watts had the best dress and hair.  Is it just me or is she a shape shifter? 

Julie and I are from Illinois–you know..Land of Lincoln.  There are sooo many movies about Abraham Lincoln.  Did you see the one where he fights vampires?  What is it with the Lincoln stuff?  I, for one, still feel it is too soon to be doing movies about Lincoln…;o)

Anyway, the Academy Awards made us think about overnight successes.  We think that maybe these stars are just plain lucky.  They took the first bus to Hollywood and found thenselves an agent and voila! Overnight Success!!  However, most have honed and practiced their craft for years and years.  Waiting tables and parking cars while auditioning over and over and over.  A small part here.  A speaking part there…years of struggling and maybe even living on money good ol’ Mom and Dad send.  A care package from Aunt Erma once a month helped too.

Let’s face it.  Anything that’s good is worth the time and effort.  That goes for me and you, too.  You didn’t grab the brass ring straight out on the very first try?  Well, keep trying.  You’ll get there.  Keep tweaking your way there. You’re worth it and you’ll get there.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate every tweak of the way.  Get out your best glamorous dress and jewelry and celebrate what you’re doing and give yourself an Oscar for best effort with heart and soul.  I can hear your thank you speech now.  It’s a pip.


Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book “The Clutterfly Effect-Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life.”

p.s.  Save March 16th for a Clutterfly Effect Saturday from 9-noon CST.  It’s where we meet at the top of each hour for alignment and setting the intention…then we get “busy” clearing away the clutter.  More details to come.