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Know When To Walk Away and Know When To Run…

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Emotions…emotions….E-Motion…Energy in Motion.

We’ve  been speaking this week about those uncomfortable but familiar emotions that seem to rear their head at the most inopportune times.  I’m talking about disappointment, frustration and the accompanying hair tugging and wasted cell phone minutes that go along with those emotions.

I raise my hand and acknowledge that I am no stranger to these emotions.  However, I desire to get better and better at managing these emotins when they rear their sometimes ugly head.   Just when you have a wonderful evening planned with your sweetie, oops their it is.  You didn’t expect this but here it is.  Right in the middle of Valentine’s Day or whatever.

I find you don’t have to scratch the surface too far to see that behind disappointment and frustration is some pretty big expectation…or a pretty big “rule” that you have but  failed to inform everyone else in the room ;o).  Expectations, in general, are fine.  Maybe even pretty cool.  We’d all be sitting here on our computers reading blogs by candlelight if someone didn’t have a big expectation of inventing the incandescent light bulb.

Managing expectations is a grown up thing to do.  It requires  big girl panties.  It requires extra special virtues like compassion, understanding, forgiveness and holding your tongue when all you want to do is “letemhaveit.”  My suggestion this week is to practice managing our expectations.  Like Kenny Rogers said, “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.  If disappointment and frustration knocks you down this week, how about a long walk or a quick run in the opposite direction.  You can do it. You’ve got yout big girl panties on and you’re feeling pretty cool.


It’s Lent…let’s give up the scary labels..

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Welcome to Lent.  I remember when I was a fourth grader in Catholic school.  I saved my milk money during Lent to buy a pagan baby.  I named her Christine Marie.  She was from Guatemala.  I have the certificate and everything.  I was just reading on Yahoo news that one of the top five places to retire to for baby boomers is Guatemala.  I’m thinking about it.  It might be awesome to meet some of the Christine Marie’s that might still reside there.

Speaking of names, Julie and I have been wondering what in the world has happened to the weather channel.  It used to be that you could depend on the weather channel for the weather.  Just tell it to me straight, weather channel.  Now, it’s always a big Warning flashing across the screen and winter storm Nemo or some other name that they now label.  I figure if they get to label the scary stuff we should get to label the awesome stuff.

I’m naming my vision board my Hell to the Yeah most awesome vision board of all time.  That is labeling in the right direction, if you ask me.  It’s Lent..let’s give up the scary labeling of things and pick up the fun and awesome labeling of things.  You can check out our new podcast on the subject at .

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Christine Marie

Coming soon…The Clutterfly Effect- Tweak Your Way to Total Transformation by Decluttering Your Life

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Oprah, the Ego, and the Essence of Things

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Hello Lovelies,

Talking this week about the ego.  I don’t know why but as soon as I think about the ego, Oprah comes to mind.  What?  But here she is right between me and you.  If we are a whoopie pie, then Oprah’s the sweet filling.

As a coach and interviewer of many authors, I’ve heard many folks say they want to be interviewed by Oprah.  They wanted their book to be on Oprah’s treasured book list.  They wanted to be on stage in that spectacular designer outfit.  Of course, a mani-pedi.  Hair  done at a fabulous salon.  Certainly a massage is in order.  And after the interview, the limo would take you to a fabulous hotel where lunch would be simply perfect. Sipping champagne with your agent.  Yes, the book would most likely be a HIT!  Then fame, fortune, and maybe even your own talk show to follow.  Whew!

Ok.  Let’s let gravity bring us down a bit.  Odds are this isn’t going to happen.  Oprah’s not really Oprah any more.  (Still a big shout out to OWN which is a great network with some righteous programming.)  However, let’s talk about the essence of things.  Let’s talk about the essence of why you want to be on Oprah. 

The ego may desire all the cool entrapments of what we might consider success.  But I bet your desire to have your book help just one person may truly be the essence of what you really want.  I bet your story of hope, courage, and inspiration is really what matters to you.  It means more than the hoopla, the designer outfit, you in the make-up chair, you giving Oprah a great big hug.  (p.s. I hear that Oprah smells like roses.)

What I’m saying is this:  the essence of things is way more important than the ego of things.  In fact,  I venture to say essence is everything.  This week, experiment with  finding the essence behind the thing that you desire.  This isn’t the ego’s party.  It’s the essence’s party.   However, I’ve heard the ego is an awesome guest and provides much entertainment…party hat, tutu and some funny jokes.

Have an awesome week,

Christine Marie

Author of the upcoming book The Cluuterfly Effect


Are you a Newtonian or an Einstein? I’m just asking…

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We’re talking about time this week.  Yes, it’s kinda boring.  But it is oh so important.  There are two ways of looking at time.  The Newtonian way or the Einstein way.  Which scientist are you?

If you are a Newtonian, you tend to look at time as your master.  It has a hold of you and grabs you by your bleep.  There is never enough time in the day.  You’re only one person.  You’re too old to begin living your dreams or achieving that long sought after goal.  It’s a race with you against time and time always wins…that bat rastard!

If you are an Einstein, then you tend to see time as a tool in your arsenal of tools to achieve your goals, desires and dreams.  You are the creator of your time and you live in that amazing time zone.  You don’t worry or stress about time for you are commander in chief of your day.  That is an awesome way to live.

So, if you are operating in Newtonian time I can say you are operating in resistance.  There is some element you are fighting in your life and that you are resisting.  If you are operating in Einstein time you will find youself in flow, out of resistance, and operating in  wholeness. 

Experiment this week with Einstein time and get into that genious time zone and see how that works for you.  The Rolling Stones were right.  Time is on your side..yes it is..

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