Is it a Hobby? Or is it a Committment?

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There comes that point in each of our lives where we inevitably have to ask ourselves how serious am I about this.  “This” could be anything that you find is always on your wish, dream, or desire list.  Yes, it is always there.  Year after year after year..

Did you ever stop and wonder how sometimes these things that are always on our wish list ends up getting sabotaged?  Life tends to shakes things up for us if we are continually in the realm of Hobbyist and by shaking things up it keeps us in status quo.  It becomes two steps forward and three steps back.

  Are you meaing to write that book?  Perhaps you have some pages written or you have stacksof 3×5 notecards filled with tidbits.  It might be just a well-meaning hobby.

If there is no real forward movement or if it is still sitting on your to-do shelf you might consider this–you have a hobby on your hands.  No judgment here.  It’s just good to know.  The care and feeding of Hobbies are different than the care and feeding of Committments.

However, if you’re at that crossroad where you are just plain tired of having that “thing” that is always on your wish list and you are ready to bring that dream or desire from a hobby into a committment,  there is no time like the present.

  Make this week all about  the steps to take to live in the committfment of your dreams.  Be prepared to deal with all the emotions and feelings that come up when you are truly ready to take that dream from a hobby to a committment.  Look that resistance in the face and see what’s inside of it.  You’re ready.

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