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Sunday Sunday Funday..Join Us for Clearing the Clutter!

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It’s here!!!  Clearing the Clutter Sunday is this Sunday January 15th starting at 9:00a.m. CST. til 12:00 p.m.

and..You are cordially invited to meet with us  for three amazing and productive hours of Clearing The Clutter!!

What will you choose to work on?  If you’re like me, you might choose to get rid of paperwork and clutter from 2011.

2012 is a new year with new energy and I do not want to bring in anything from the old that does not support my new intentions and desires.  How about that  jewelry drawer that has not had a good going over in years?  Can you really get to that darling necklace easily and effortlessly or must you spend countless minutes detangling that ball of chains?  Ah, yes you’ve been meaning to really declutter and polish up your car–this is a perfect time to do that (and, by the way, what is that smell?)

Anyway, we have been doing this once a month for that last couple of years and we have a great time.  So, plan on joining us…and plan for Clearing the Clutter Sunday.  What might you need?  Containers?  Trash Bags?  Cleaning Supplies? Are you organizing next years Christmas Decorations?

This is also a good time to remind you how having less can get you more (of what you really want).  How?  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Nature will fill up a void.  That is a Universal Law.  We purposely create a void with the intention of filling it with that which we desire.  Dorothy wanted her lover to come back.  She emptied drawers and created space in her garage for her lover’s car.  She intentionally created space for her lover to return.  The Universe supported her in her desire by filling her garage with her lover’s car and her closet with her lover’s clothes.  Yes, it does work like that!  When our homes and lives are filled to the brim with clutter and is like putting a huge No trespassing sign on our front door that tells the Universe to pass us by because there is no room for the new–no room for our dreams–no room for our heart’s desire here.

So, join us this Sunday at the top of the hour for about 10 minutes and then at the top of every hour until noon..we’ll do some tapping-tell a few joke–experience a few blessings and energy transmisions.  Get your best shake your booty music together and join us–2012 is gonna be just what we make it!! ;o)

Be good to yourself–it’s a journey.

and may you Prosper in Joy.

Christine Marie