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The Importance of Self-Esteem and our interview with Dr. Joe Rubino

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I thought I pretty much knew about self esteem and self worth.  Right?  Like, it’s important to feel good about yourself and care for yourself.  I noticed a lot of young people declare they have good self esteem but what I really saw was an extreme self absorbed ego in play.

More and more these days I see that real self esteem is a critical key element for success in life and, perhaps, more importantly happiness.   How did so many of us end up with self esteem and self worth issues?  I include myself in this category now because the more I study and research the subject the more I see its tentacles extend into many areas of my life.

How did we get here?  What are some of the origins for this lack of self worth and self esteem?  Yes, it’s roots begin in childhood.  Maybe some of us were physically abused-the old spare the rod spoil the child belief.  Some of us may have been verbally abused over and over-reminded that we were never good enough just the way we were.  Maybe, there were so many children in your household that you weren’t even “seen.”

Whatever the reason, it set you up as an adult to sabotage your own happiness.  Perhaps you are a risk taker or gambler.  Several years ago I risked our retirement on a business that, in retrospect, I have to say “What was I thinking?”  Perhaps you find yourself a shopaholic because you only feel good o r alive after a few purchases. What about some poor choices in relationships?  Do you find yourself too trusting of other people or just the opposite (too cynical?)  Maybe you avoid the dentist..simple basic care of yourself.  Are you prone to depression or anxiety?  Or do you bounce back and forth between the two? It is my belief that this lack of self esteem and self worth can manifest in a myriad of ways in our adult life.  All ways we learned in childhood that we weren’t good enought or worth taking care of ourselves or didn’t deserve to have a real and good life.

It’s time to start believing in ourselves again.  Believing that we are children of the Divine and heirs to all there is.  It’s time to take some time to reflect on our chilhoods and see how those roots got started, watered, and nurtured.  And, it’s time to heal these old wounds for us and for our future generations.  It can stop now.  Let there be peace and healing  in this area and let it begin with me.

I want you to listen to our podcast Life With the Girlfriends where we inteview Dr. Joe Rubino who has made it his life’s work to help elevate self esteem in children.  It’s an hour but it is soo worth it.  My inner child’s spirit soared while we were interviewing him.  I have found that in this life “what is most personal is universal” and if I am feeling this self esteem issues -I know you may be, as well.

Dr. Joe offers the listener an awesome opportunity to become Certified in Self Esteem Elevation for Children and Adults.  He’s on a mission..and after studying and researching this topic..I am too!