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Worry-What is it good for? Absolutely Nothin’..

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Hello Lovelies,

Worry.  Yes, worry.  How much of your time do you spend in it?

I believe this is a very good question to ask ourselves these days.

Sure, you may have very good logical rational reasons for your

worrying but is it really good for you?  First, is your worrying accomplishing

anything productive?  Second, does the worrying reflect your faith in your

life?  Probably not.  Also, we now know that worrying puts toxins into the body

that lower your immune system and make you more vulnerable to a host of

infections.  Also, worry blocks the flow of good things into your life and it can certainly

muddle your results when you add worry, fear, lack, poverty consciousness into

the equation.  Worry may be merely a program you learned at a very young age.

If you learned it–you can unlearn it.  For sure.

Take a reflective look at all the places you find yourself in worry during the day..,I guarantee it will be an eye opener.

One of my good friend’s favorite quote is this, “If you worry,why pray?  If you pray, why worry?”

Not a bad quote.  Greg Bradden in his book The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Power of Prayer speaks to this very issue.

The power of a prayer of thanksgiving and praise keeps the brain happy and the soul in joy.  Let’s stay in joy and thanksgiving–just for today.

Prosper In Joy

Christine Marie

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