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Become a Life Coach…Design the Exact Business You Desire

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Hey there Lovelies,

If you know us at all, you know we are all about you and your well being.  Why?  Because nothing matters more than that you feel good!  Why?  Because you are always attracting at the frequency and vibration of your feelings!

Now, we know that you desire to empower people to feel their best and live out their best lives..just like you want to for yourself.  That is why we are 100% recommending  our dear friend Christy Whitman’s QSCA-Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  You deserve to make full or part time income being of service and empowering others and their families to live empowering, successful lives and you deserve to get paid what you are worth.

Please check out Christy’s videos on becoming a Life Coach…By the way, Julie and I were the first and second to graduate from the Academy just two short years ago!  We loved it and have never looked back!   Truthfully, you can design the exact business you desire…and you can begin being of service and creating income from month one of the program..

I know this is a big decision for you..but you know that you’ve been feeling it is time to play bigger in your life!  It will be the most exciting year of your life…and then the following year will be the most exciting..and on and on..

Go Here Now to find out more

Also, a bonus for you..if you have any questions about your decision–we have personally set up our private  toll-free 855 number you can call and get a free 15-20minute  Laser Coaching Call with Julie and/or  myself to ask away any last minute questions about you becoming a coach before the prices go up..or enrollment fills to capacity.. We are available this Thursdsay Sept.22 between 1:00CST and 4:00CST…if the line is busy-just keep trying…first come, first served…We look forward to hearing from you…and your succesful future!  The toll free number is 1-855-900-COACH.

May you Prosper in Joy,

Christine Marie

Also, our  Life with the Girlfriends podcast this week is on all the benefits of feeling good!  Go here to listen!

Is Your Purpose Bigger Than Your Pain?

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Hello Lovelies,

Our latest podcast is about your purpose and passion and mission in life being bigger or larger than your pain.  (Here is the link)   This is what happened to a friend of ours who was going through a rough divorce and a significant business challenge.  Nothing was mitigating the grief she felt.

Her spiritual advisor suggested she find a purpose for her life bigger than her pain.  Upon accepting that challenge she looked ar her volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity.  She asked herself the question, “How many houses would I need to build for my purpose to be bigger than my pain.”

If you are ready for a bigger life–perhaps something bigger thanyour own pain–why don’t you consider being a life Coach.  Julie and I started our journey here at the QSCA and have never looked back.  First, you will experience your own transformation and healing and then you will give back and be of service to the planet in your own way.  You can earn a part time or full time income and you can deliberately create thre business you truly desire….if you do not like speaking in front of crowds-you don’t have to…if you like intimate one on one coaching over the phone (anywhere on the planet) or in your own office-you can author books and be an inspiration to many-you can.

Find out more right now here  It is sooo worth it!

Class starts next month…and you can begin making money and being of service to the planet from month one if you so desire.

Any questions, contact us

May you Prosper in Joy,

Christine Marie