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Smart Goals for Smart Girlfriends

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Hello Lovelies,

How do we get from our wishes and dreams to a concrete experience in the 3 dimensional world?

Check out this week’s podcast on Life with The Girfriends at and experience SMART Goals.  S is for specific.  M is for measurable.  A is for attainable.  R is for relevent.  T is for time bound. 

By following these tips you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction going down stream with ease and efficiency.  And you can also use these smart goal tips as “feedback” for when you may need to adjust your goals or actions. 

Check out the podcast to hear more indepth about SMART Goals for Smart Girlfriends.  And while you are there, download our show about the “Holidays or Holidaze?” 

Still interested in saving money?  We had a wrong link up.  Here is the corrected link.

It’s free, it’s easy, and you save more than you spend 🙂  Check it out and download it for free and begin saving.

This week, on Christine Marie and Julie Talk Authors!, we will be interviewing author Alice Badler about her book “100 Frogs.”  She’s a great gal and has a great story.  It’s at 9:00pm CST on Friday on  check out all the details at 


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