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Life with The Girlfriends at Gives away The Shopping Genie

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Hello Everyone,

If you are here to pick up your downloadable Shopping Genie here it is!

As promised, it’s FREE!  This is a great way to save money on things you already buy and for the holiday shopping.

Count this as one of your pipelines.  Much love.  Enjoy.

Nurturing Yourself and Our New Podcast- “Life with The Girlfriends”

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Hello Lovelies,

I know many of us are feeling the time change and the resultant lack of light in this three dimensional world.  It is important to honor our bodies and listen to what our bodies are saying for there is much wisdom there.

Are you needing more sleep?  More time for meditation?  Are you needing to do some wonderful stretching?  How about just having more fun and joy? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and put your feet up and listen to our new podcast Life With the Girlfriends at (shameless plug)

With the holidays rapidly appraoching, are you already feeling the rush and pressure of too much to do?  Why not consider making this holiday be in alignment with the new you?  The you that has let go of a lot of the B.S.  The you that has no desire for drama or trauma?

Perhaps think of a new approach for you for the holidays…Once you get past all the Buts and resistance..I know you will come up with an approach that is uniquely yours and works for you!  You have been challenged!!! lol   

Stay in the vibration of joy and abundance..sing and dance like nobody’s listening or looking!  Smile..its good for the brain’s neurotransmitters…there ya go…                                                                

If any Lovelies receive Wisdom or Guided Messages that you would like to share, please send them to us and we will see that they get out to the group.

We know now that this beautiful, powerful evolutionary light that we work with every week on AMP IT UP! and in our private lives is filled with wisdom, guidance, and messages for our personal and group benefit.


Life with The Girlfriends– Christine Marie and Julie’s new weekly podcast has begun! 

Please support us by going to and going to Life with The Girlfriends and downloading our podcast.  It’s a new format for us.  We wanted to mix current topics and entertainment with what’s happening to the girlfriends with a dash of Law of Attraction. 

This weeks podcast is about texting and what happens when you find people texting each other in a group about what is going on in the conversation.  Say What?  Listen and find out..

Coming In January!!!  Hold On To Your Big Girl Panties!!! Just Hold On!!

The Awesomely Amazing and Evolutionary DO DROP INN…(you’ll have the best year ever)


Cosmic Hugs,

Christine Marie and Julie