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You are an awesome and amazing Law of Attraction Coach!

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Hello Lovelies!

Join us this Wednesday at  Julie and I will be doing a free teleseminar on Forgive Your Way To Prosperity..look us up. 9:00 pm CST 

If you have Ever thought about empowering others by becoming a Law of Attraction Coach then think QSCA! Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Christy tells all in her upcoming teleseminar about her Certification program in Law of Attraction Coaching.  The training starts  in October and Julie and I can testify  as to the quality of the program.

You will be surprised and delighted by all the ways you can empower people to be their best selves and in the meantime empower yourself to get where you want to go in your career.  You can do it all with a start from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  Do you want to write a book?  Do you want to coach one-on-one?  Do you want to teach the Law of Attraction to groups?  Do you want to have your own radio show on the Universal Laws?  Do you want to transform your own life and show others how to transform theirs?..and the list goes on and on.

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or….Click here to sign up for a free teleseminar on August 24 th to have all your questions answered.  Yours truly (Christine Marie and Julie) will be on the teleseminar as well!

Cheers and Manifest Your Good,

Christine Marie

p.s…..only 2 more days to get your Mind Movies.  This is a vision board on steroids.  Julie and I absolutely adore our mind movies we created.  And you will too.  Here is the link to check it out.   Sorry..they are gone for now. ;o(

Bronchitis and The Law of Attraction

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Hello Lovelies,

It has been awhile and I apologise.  Jules and I have both had a bout of bronchitis (Nasty Stuff) and I am just getting back in the saddle.

One thing about being on your back…there is plenty of time for reflection.  And I did just that.  I reflected on the amount of love and gratitude and appreciation I experience in my life.  It was quite lovely to feel the love and well wishes from people everywhere across the globe.  How cool is that?  Really.

The second thing I became acutely aware of is this idea that I am not to carry anything superfluous into this next iteration of my life.  I am meant to divest myself of clutter…emotional, energetic, physical..etc.  KISS -Keep it simple, sweetheart.  This is truly easier said than done.  But, my committment is that everyday I simplify something.  I release something that no longer serves this leg of the journey.  My brother always sang a song about “Going Mobile”, and that’s what I aim to do.

And since things are coming in three’s these days, the third thing I became aware of during my time of enforced reflection is this, “Nothing matters more than that you feel good.”  Oh Yeah.  Feeling better and better.  Reaching for the better feeling thought.  Being on your own side.  There’s really no more time to let the poop have its way with you.  It’s way too easy to give into the poop.  Am I right?  After all, at the end of the day, it really is just a choice.  We are not doers but deciders.

An awesome shout out to all our Lovelies in our 3 Big Dream Coaching Program.  You are all a tremendous source of inspiration!  Another awesome shout out to the Lovelies in our Mastering the Mind Coaching Program!  The energy we are building is just out of this world~truly.  And, another shoutout to everyone around the planet who joins our Thursday AMP IT UP! Align with the Energy of Unexpected Financial Windfalls.  All I can say is Woo-Hoo!  Potent and Powerful and just this week alone I received an unexpected check inthe mail for 270 dollars!  I receive, I receive, I receive.  I appreciate, I appreciate, I appreciate. Thank you Source! and thank you Lovelies!

Have a kick ass week,   Christine Marie