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Are You Ready To Dust Off Your Dreams? (cough cough)

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Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited about our live coaching program starting tomorrow!  21 Days to Manifesting Your 3 Big Dreams ….and it’s Free.  It’s 3 days-Tues., Wed., and Thursday and it’s at 11:00 a.m. CST. 

Julie and I want to make the last 6 months of 2010 so exciting for you!  Sometimes summer can get a little boring and slow and maybe we’ve lost our mojo a bit.  But we’re here to shake things up!!  We’re gonna get back our mojo and implement our Deliberate Co Creator Status!

Hop on board the 3 Big Dreams Train!!  Just go to and sign up.  Can’t be there physically?  We will send you the recording of the coaching program and you can participate at your leisure.

Get ready to dust off those long forgotten dreams and activate your passion and excitement.  You can do it! 

Be there or be s q u a r e…

sign up now at to begin the adventure.  You are worth it!! (oh yes you are!)

Christine Marie