Intuition~Are you getting your downloads?

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Hello Lovelies..

There has been so much chatter on the web about intuition lately.  Intution.  Is it going to give the numbers for the big jackpot?  Is it going to tell you where you are going to meet your soul mate?

For me, there are times that I get direct “hits.”  However, it’s not that often.  But I am always open to those direct hits.  In the matters of intuition I feel that Heart Work is much more important.

Maybe they are one and the same thing-maybe not.  But I know for sure we all have access to our Hearts.  Sure, it is a matter of cultivating our connection to our hearts..and it is important to learn how to make the 12 inch journey from our head down to our heart.  And, that takes time..attention..intention.  It takes learning to listen with our “inner ear” and it takes a real basic element of trust.

The cool thing about making the twelve inch journey is that you can look back on your life and say with no regrets, “I always listened to my heart.”  Really..that is cool. The heart has its own path and that is hardly ever a straight line.  In fact, it probably looks like a kaliedescope of puzzle pieces that is only made clear by unconditional love and unwavering trust. (“I’ll have a glass of each, bartender.”)

It’s important to add a small sentence or two on fear.  Fear is usually ego if you find yourself in fear that is a real good time to quiet the monkey mind and connect to the heart.  The heart will calm you.  The heart will give you peace.  The heart will give you clarity.  The heart will give you courage.  In fact, the Latin root word of  the word courage is “heart.’

Is the path of the heart quick?  Probably not.  Why?  My take is it knows if you are truly ready and prepared for what you want.  The heart loves you in a way that you probably don’t even love yourself.  So, the next time someone offers you a free intuition course~come prepared to check in with your heart…you can trust your gut on that ;o)

Christine Marie

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