get your mind out of the gutter..I said Goal-den Hour!!!

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What to do with that goal-den hour?  It’s been said in many metaphysical circles that an hour of inner work is equal to 10 hours of external work.  Wow!!  So, we’re all about creating that extra goal-den hour a day of inner work so that we can leverage that extra 10 hours of external work.   10 minutes 6 times a day..taking time to consciously breathe…to meditate (there are many different ways)..take time to journal…your thoughts are the previews of your life’s coming about creating a vision board or a mind map and then studying for ten minutes throughout the day…and the list goes on.  We know a very successful woman who creates 5 goal-den hours for herself each day.  She is proof positive of what can be created by doing the internal work first as leverage.  whoo hoo!

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and I hope you dance and keep dreamin’

Christine Marie


  So, may I ask you “Are you doing what you want?

This is a really good time to take stock and ask yourself are you on track for your dreams, desires, and goals?  Or, you may be saying to yourself “what dreams?  who has time for dreams when I barely have time to brush my teeth!”I hope you still are brushing your teeth and flossing as well~~at least those teeth you intend on keeping.

Consider the use of what Julie and I call “the Goal-den Hour.”  You start by giving yourself the gift of 10 minutes for yourself..six times a day.  First , use the first ten minutes just to breathe.  Consciously breathe.  Connect to the breath and big deep belly breaths for ten whole minutes.  You should begin to feel calmer and more open. 

During this time see yourself filling up with Love…all the love you will need for the day.  And if you run out~take some more time to fill up on this precious fuel.

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