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Turn on your Personal Magnetizer and Make it Rain

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Ok Everyone..

It’s 4 days to the Magnetize and Manifest course…Prepare to be excited!   Prepare to Magnetize and Manifest.  Prepare to release all those annoying financial set points.  Prepare to let go of those or otherwise.  It’s about time,  it’s about you, and it’s about right now.  Dec.2, 9, 16, and 30.  You will have one heckofa jump on the new year.  Join me, Christine Marie, and my daughter Julie as we teach and coach this powerful and empowering course..oh..and get 30 minutes of free coaching with us when you join.  Amp your life up.  Maximize your blessings and manifest your dreams and desires… with visualizations and meditations and processes specifically designed to turn on your personal magnetizer!! 

Christine Marie

Trustfall into the Divine

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Hello Everyone..I’m just saying the better it gets the better it ride the wave of flow..trustfall into the arms of the Divine..and allow yourself to feel good…really good…no matter what.  You are worth it.  Oh and yea “I feel like I won the lottery.”..and that’s a flippin’ good feeling. 

 And please sign up for my free gift to you..daily audio prosperity postcards that will start your day in the right direction and align with all good things..once you sign up you will then be notified for our weekly AMP IT UP..Aligning with Unexpected Financial Windfalls.. go to 

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls..are in the air..

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We are doing another AMP IT UP-ALIGN WITH UNEXPECTED FINANCIAL WINDFALLS!!  Thursday 9:00 a.m. CST!  20 minutes to set you in alignment to your unexpected financial windfalls.  It’s fun, it’s joy, and it gets results!!  You’re worth 20 minutes!!  If you are signed up for prosperity postcards you will be notified of the number or link to the webinar!! or  ..

I’ve already attracted 1900 dollars since last week-my husband attracted a 5000 dollar contract very unexpectedly and Julie manifested the absolute perfect resource person to sell some products on ebay and she has already sold over a thousand dollars…the better it gets..the better it the universe or Source or All that Is and begin believing..

Christine Marie

Life can be so sweet~on the sunny side of the street

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Morning all…Let’s make this a wonderful week full of appreciation and deep gratitude for all that we have.   It is such a joy to be able to look at what is right and what is working in our lives as opposed to what is wrong and what is not working.  Remember, Law of Attraction is like a boomerang..what you focus on or what you are giving out is what comes back to you.  So, wouldn’t you love joy and appreciation and happiness and ease and effortlessness and non-drama and non-trauma to come back to you.  Try feeling Like you won the Lottery.  That feels wonderful..and, as the song says, “Leave Your Worries On the Doorstep,”  Life can be so sweet on the Sunny Side of the Street.

Christine Marie

Unexpected Financial Windfalls are yours, baby LG Join Us Today~~

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go to or to sign up and receive the link to todays 20 min Amp Up and Align to Unexpected Financial Windfalls at Noon CST,,today Nov.19th,2009.  It’s already working …get excited!!  Come today already feeling like you won the lottery!! Woohoo..LG

Christine Marie

Thanks for Liking My Birthday Song!

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Hey thanks everyone who commented on my birthday song..I still can’t get the ditty out of my head!!  Hmm.mmm..hmmm…wouldn’t it be yummy.  Just in case you missed the song here is another link   Again, please put tin foil on head first or the chorus will remain with you all day. 

Anyway, I want to tell you of this idea that came to me yesterday.  I believe it is ab-soul-lutely fabulous.  The thought was this:  You know how we all know where our income  comes from..right?  Well, I am going to hold the intention for all of us for “Unexpected Windfalls!”  So, starting tomorrow for 20 minutes or so please once a week gather with us and AMP up the Energy for our collective “Unexpected Windfalls!”  I just got the idea for this a couple of days ago and it so pleased and delighted me and my vibration that I got an unexpected check in the mail for $1901.55.  I can only imagine what is going to happen for all of us. 

 If you are getting your prosperity postcards then we have a way of notifying you the number to call in on and I think you can listen on your ‘puter as well.  Here is what I know so will be at 12:00 noon tomorrow Thursday the 19th of November.  If you are not signed up for properity postcards you can go to or I think you can even go to and sign up there.  Also, when I get the exact phone number and computer link I will try and put it on the blog.  I’m excited…get excited!!

Together we are going to AMP UP THE ENERGY OF UNEXPECTED WINDFALLS!!  Julie and I will be here once a week to amp the energy up for all of us to receive unexpected windfalls..Of course, its free..Empower yourself to receive!! LG

Christine Marie

Happy Birthday to Me..Happy Birthday to Me..Hear my song now..but put tin foil on your head first..or it will keep playing over and over

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November’s my birthday.  But you know what’s cool?  Seriously cool?  Folks from all over are wishing me happy birthday and more..wishing me my dreams come true…wishing me new roads to travel down…….wishing me a day with family and friends.  I am in awe.  This is my first birthday on Facebook and I am just in awe of the kindness of people.  Taking the time to write their wishes for me is so flippin’ inspiring.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!! 

My husband wrote me a song and my son did the music to it..Keep in mind that Norm(hubby) was born just 20 days before me (same year).Here is a link to the song ~~it’s like 2 min.   but it will put a smile on your face..Ok, it’s not as cute as the baby rockin it out to Beyonce’s Single Ladies…but it sure made me  say, “I feel like I won the lottery~” and, of course you know by now I really mean it!!

Put the Odds in Your Favor!

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Another great radio show last night on blogtalkradio.  Julie (my daughter and business partner) and I came out last night.  We told everyone about the and how our purpose was to 1) feel so good that we felt like we won the lottery 2) to begin attracting and manifesting in our life at that “I feel like I won the lottery “level . 3) Put the odds in our favor of really winning the lottery 4) Keep the winnings..not being part of the 85% that after 2 or 3 years have lost it all and their lives are a wreck.  It all works together..LG  You can go there ( and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards from us..they’re fun andset your day in alignment with what you desire.  I ask you today, “How do you feel like you won the lottery?”  and remember the better it gets-the better it gets!

Christine Marie

I Call Those Crappy Feelings Chad

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It was one of those days.  I didn’t imagine waking up and feeling so damn angry.  aarrrgh!  I had to travel far and wide to “find” something I could pin this feeling on…and it just wasn’t coming.  Okay.  This feeling had me in its grip and I decided that I would allow it in and let it have its way with me for awhile. 

It (lets call it Chad)..I mean Chad had knocked on my door and I decided to let him in.  I now believe he had been knocking for several days but I ignored the knock.  I had other things to do.  Once in, Chad asked for something to drink.  I walked him into the parlor and sat him down in a deep red velour wingback chair and he made himself so comfortable he immediately put his feet up on the ottoman.  I left him to go into the kitchen.  I put the bottle of chablis on the tray along with two of my most favorite whine glasses and some blue cheese and a few crackers.  He was waiting patiently for me when I returned with the drinks and appetizers.  As he sipped the wine he unloosened his tie and asked, “So how’s it been?  I see that you have cut all your fingernails to the quick.  Why?  They were such lovely nails.”

Maybe it was the way he said the word lovely or maybe it was the way he undid his tie or maybe it was the way he crossed his beautiful but rugged cowboy booted feet upon my ottoman but I just started crying.  Big, furry, crocodile tears.  I looked at my short cropped nails as I tossed back my second glass of wine and cried, “I’m angry..and sad…and disappointed..and unhappy..and..and..and..nobody loves me!” 

He just shook his head…like he understood.  We finished that bottle of whine and I felt better.  He reminded me gently to check my mascara for smudge marks (I did, thank God) and said he see me again sometime.  I know I will see him again sometime, too. 

Life is a spiral.  Chad will come knocking on the door for another go around.  It is surprising how much better I feel today.  The air is cleaner and fresher and colors are brighter and I have some real legitimate hope in my life and I know that life is LG.  Oh, and I told him the truth.  I don’t really know why I cut all my nails off.  It was just time for a change.  Today, I’m looking at all those people, places, and things in my life where I can truly say, “I feel like I won the lottery.”..and I mean it.

Christine Marie

“I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”

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Have you signed up for your prosperity postcard?  First, It’s FREE.  Second, you’re just two minutes away from tip, tidbits, and tricks to create prospeity from the inside out.  Third, start your day with a smile and in alignment with your own joy and prosperity.  Do you need another reason?  Oh yeah, we’ll have you feeling sooo good you might just win the lottery of love and money!!  ;o)

Christine Marie