Is the Devil in Me?

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Its the night before Halloween..traditionally it’s been called DEVILS NIGHT…We all know when the devil gets in us.  We feel all itchy and those devilish thoughts of victimhood come creeping back into to our normally placid canvas and landscape.  We remember when we were done wrong or humiliated in our life and there was no justice to be one got their comeuppance.  Drat!! 

 We didn’t actually witness “What goes around comes around.”  uh-uh.  They treated us wrong and the universe or justice or the law or our parents “didn’t make it right.”  Double Drat.  So now what do we do?  I’m gonna make a suggestion or two and you may not like what you hear.  Imagine me whispering this word….forgiveness.  There I said it. 

Don’t get the bristles on your back all up and your panties in a bunch.  Its not for the other guy..its for yourself.  Can you forgive yourself long enough to let go of that hard thing you’ve been holding onto?  Can you say a prayer for grace to descend upon you and then wait as your request is answered?

  It may not be easy or simple but there is real value here for you in clearing the energetic and psychic clutter from your energy field so that you may live a more rich and vibrant life..there is a whole lot more here but you get the drift.

Christine Marie

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