“I feel like I won the lottery!”

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I’m going to do it.  I’m going to win the lottery!  How you ask?  First by playing.  (I used to think my odds were the same whether I played or not.) Second, by putting the odds in my favor.  You see, according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like…and our feelings are from where we attract.  So if we’re feeling down, depressed, constricted, we can expect those same experiences and results attracted back to us from the universe.  So I am putting the odds in my favor by saying and claiming and feeling this…”I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”  and I mean it and I am feeling it and I am living it.  I’ll let you know immediately.  I’m counting everything as a win..even a 5 or 10 spot or a free ticket.  However, I am putting on my vision board20 million dollars…I can feel it now.  “I feel like I won the lottery!”  whoo hoo..

Christine Marie

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