I Took a Trip to LowDownDogsVille

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I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!!  It’s the truth I tell ya!!  I am a rich human being.  Rich with a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a funny son, deep friendships, an exciting career…have I lost you yet?  You’re waitng for the “but”.  

 Excuse me if I don’t want to go there with you.  You see, I prefer to focus on the things I appreciate.  I prefer to focus on those things I am grateful for.  What you focus on EXPANDS…no ifs, ands, or buts.  The “other stuff” I don’t give much air time to..I do not like to waste the energy.  I prefer to stay in contentment, in joy, in delight. 

Do I ever take a day trip to LowDownDawgsVille?  Of course.  That town has a 7-11 convenience store where I can easily grab a bag of pity chips, sad songs are 2/$3.00, and I can pour myself an 84 ounce glass of all men are jerks…and throw in some cigarettes for when I’m smokin’ mad.  The trip back home always feels longer than the trip to get there.  Sure, I can buy some lottery tickets in LowDownDawgsVille.  But I think my odds of winning are the same whether I play or not.  That’s why I prefer to say, “I feel like I won the lottery.”  I mean it.  Can you say it and mean it?

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