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Is the Devil in Me?

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Its the night before Halloween..traditionally it’s been called DEVILS NIGHT…We all know when the devil gets in us.  We feel all itchy and those devilish thoughts of victimhood come creeping back into to our normally placid canvas and landscape.  We remember when we were done wrong or humiliated in our life and there was no justice to be one got their comeuppance.  Drat!! 

 We didn’t actually witness “What goes around comes around.”  uh-uh.  They treated us wrong and the universe or justice or the law or our parents “didn’t make it right.”  Double Drat.  So now what do we do?  I’m gonna make a suggestion or two and you may not like what you hear.  Imagine me whispering this word….forgiveness.  There I said it. 

Don’t get the bristles on your back all up and your panties in a bunch.  Its not for the other guy..its for yourself.  Can you forgive yourself long enough to let go of that hard thing you’ve been holding onto?  Can you say a prayer for grace to descend upon you and then wait as your request is answered?

  It may not be easy or simple but there is real value here for you in clearing the energetic and psychic clutter from your energy field so that you may live a more rich and vibrant life..there is a whole lot more here but you get the drift.

Christine Marie

Affirmations-Are they FOR or AGAINST YOU?

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Affirmations…in the opposite direction.  that’s the power of negative thinking.  If you are vibrating exactly and in alignment with a negative can be sure you are setting the odds in your favor of  achieving that negative thought.  Its not very appetizing to think that you’re walking around creating crappy circumstances in your life..but that’s pretty much what happens. 

 Now, imagine the power of a positive affirmation, if you will, that speaks of that which YOU want.  “I am abundant in all areas.”  “I am prosperous in all areas of my life.”  “My dreams and desires are manifested with ease.”  “I appreciate my life.”  Find your own affirmations..the ones that FEEL really good to you..the ones you have NO resistance to.

 As you say an affirmation of your own choosing..feel in your body, in your gut if you feel 100% allowing of that resistance at all…then that is the Affirmation for you..OWN IT.  GO FOR IT.  THE UNIVERSE IS WAITING ON YOU.

Christine Marie

Doin’ the Happy Dance cause “I feel like I won the Lottery”

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It’s an amalgm of the Hokey Pokey, the cabbage patch, raising the roof, and moonwalking.  It’s called the Happy Dance or the Dance of Joy.  People from all walks of life are doing it.  Check out youtube if you don’t believe me.  Babies, teens, old farts, and the fabulous but broke crowd are finding their way to the Happy Dance..all because they now are believing and the seeing the results of saying and feeling..”I feel like I won the Lottery!” 

 They, like me, are tired of the normal lottery odds and want to put the odds more in their favor..therefore the feelings like I won the lottery..therefore the happy dance…therefore the dance of joy.  Do it..pretend no one is looking and do it.  Raise the roof..feel that the lottery.  Sign up for your free audio prosperity postcards at or tell us your I feel like I won the lottery story at  Have fun live in joy.

Christine Marie

“I feel like I won the lottery!”

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I’m going to do it.  I’m going to win the lottery!  How you ask?  First by playing.  (I used to think my odds were the same whether I played or not.) Second, by putting the odds in my favor.  You see, according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like…and our feelings are from where we attract.  So if we’re feeling down, depressed, constricted, we can expect those same experiences and results attracted back to us from the universe.  So I am putting the odds in my favor by saying and claiming and feeling this…”I Feel Like I Won The Lottery!”  and I mean it and I am feeling it and I am living it.  I’ll let you know immediately.  I’m counting everything as a win..even a 5 or 10 spot or a free ticket.  However, I am putting on my vision board20 million dollars…I can feel it now.  “I feel like I won the lottery!”  whoo hoo..

Christine Marie

Is the Bat Rastard Cheating on Me?

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Julie and I did a show on blogtalkradio last night.  Now, we’ve done over 120 shows at 8:00 a.m. CST but we wanted to experience the evening crowd.  We did some Law of Attraction coaching, some spiritual coaching, I did some readings and made contact with the was a buffet of goodies laid out for all of us..and we ate and drank richly from it and had a rockin’ good time.  Several women called and wanted to know if their guys were cheating on them. 

You know why I love the Law of Attraction?  It is 100% FAITHFUL..yup..24/7..or as we like to say 31..;o)  The Law of Attraction will never cheat on you..let you down..miss your anniversary, birthday, or holiday.  It is always working.  Now, the Law of Attraction is always paying attention to  your feelings..listening to you exactly what you are thinking about..The Law of Attraction is like a huge cosmic mirror reflecting back to you what you are energetically putting out (no pun intended…ok, well maybe a little)..How is your relationship with the Law of Attraction?  30 dates in 30 days..and transformation is in the air..

Christine Marie

I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have 175 different words for snow

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I hear the Alaskan Native Americans have a 175 words for snow..including one for yellow snow.  I’ve had snow cones at our local carnival..they’re good…but they can’t make a yellow snowcone look appetizing. Its good to get specific. 

When we are coming up with our dream lists and our goals I know that it is important to get down to the nitty gritty of the details..getting specific in what we want, when we want it,  why we want it, and how we are going to feel when we have it.  What we focus upon expands.  Focus on your noisy neighbor–your irritation at the noisy neighbor expands.  Focus on your mountain of bills–that mountain of bills..well you get the drift..drift..snow drift..drifting snow.  Yea, I can see the need for a special word for snow drift.  I want to know if when I am driving around a curve am I going to run into a little pile of snow or a big honking pile of snow…but I guess I’m drifting off here.  I’m pretty sure the only color of snow to eat is white. ..although blueberry and cherry might be tempting~well, wait a minute ,forget the cherry. 

Christine Marie


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You know me by now.  I tell it like it is.  So..having said that I need to tell you my experience with my coaching clients and groups.  100% of my clients have said at one point or another “I want to win the lottery!”  For so long I directed their thoughts elsewhere.  Well, no more!!

 I heard them…really heard them.  You see the Law of Attraction basically states like attracts like…or that which is like unto itself is drawn.   Next, the law states that you attract with your feelings…or nothing matters more than that you feel good.  This is a most powerful truth.  Now, I tell my clients this-if you desire to win the lottery you must feel like you won the lottery!!

 So, I created a website where you can go on a daily basis and share a story or two about a time when you felt like you won the lottery.  Jack Canfield shares a couple of stories with us and Christy Whitman as well.  Go there..get in the lottery winning mood and share your stories…by doing this you totally increase your chances of winning the lottery AND you are going to feel like you won the lottery in the meantime…I call this.Win Win.. also sign up for your free daily audio properity postcards at  and put some fun in your a.m. and join me and Julie on blogtalkradio Mon-Wed at 8:00am CST for 45 min of Law of Attraction and Energetic Alignments!

Christine Marie

Future Visioning..You Are Worth It!

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Hello Everyone!!  Wow..I just did a 45 minute Future Visioning Meditation..and it was awesome.   It is truly important to have met your future self and walked back to your present now with your future self…leaving bread crumbs along the way. 

I want to give you legitimate hope about your future.  There are many steps to get you where you are wanting to go and since you may be operating in a  new zip code some things may feel like obstacles or “No” from the universe.  It’s not.  You are just experiencing a new learning curve and when you have mastered that one there will more than likely be another one and another one.  It’s all good. 

 Your life is about this kind of expansion…this kind of contrast.  Your future can have a direct impact on the quality of your life today.  The future visioning meditation is archived on my blogtalkradio show.  Its 45 minutes.  I think you’re worth it.  Sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards at  The feedback has been so delightful and we are having a blast making them for you.  Nothing matters more than that you feel good.  Do all that you can to feel good.

Christine Marie

A Scary Tale

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It’s a dark, stormy night.  The rain beats down on your car.  The thunder is so loud it shakes the mini van.  The road is unclear and there are trees being uprooted by the strong winds and tossed into your path.  Suddenly, your lights go out.   Your radio is dead. You wish you had taken the time to get your car checked out before your journey.  You hit a large piece of debris and your cell phone slides out of reach.  GPS was on sale last month but you thought you’d save the money.  Aarrrgh.

Now, the sun is shining brightly-not even a tiny cloud in the sky.  The gas tank is full and there is your favorite music playing.  Your GPS is navigating the way for you and you are relaxed and enjoying the scenery.  Your Mercedes is humming along-a fabulous touring machine.  Wow..two very different experiences.  Two very different journeys. 

And that is the exact difference between having a clear plan for your future and not.  It’s utterly important that you know where you’re going, what its going to look like when you get there..and the fact that you enjoyed every step of the journey or every mile of the ride.  Join me tomorrow on blogtalkradio,com.  I will be doing a future visioning exercise that will get you in alignment and set a path for your course.  It will be archived if you can’t make it live.  Also, visit and sign up for your free daily audio prosperity postcards…one minute to tune up your’re worth it…;o)

Christine Marie

The Curious Case of Bucky and the Buried Bones

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I don’t do this for the comments but when I get one I feel giddy.  I sometimes wonder what am I doing this for-but then I remember and all is aligned right with the world.  Life is fragrant and sweet when I allow.  My ancient anger is soothed when I scratch the surface of my ego and find something strong and peaceful and centered and wise~~wise enough to keep my mouth shut and my thoughts from rambling. 

Bucky is a beautiful but homely dog.  He is not my dog.  He is tethered to a tree in the back of an auto repair shop.  Each fall his fur grows wild in preparation for his long winter outside.   We asked his owner if we could bring him treats every so often–and he said we could.  Bucky will eat a burger or a sausage but he will take bones and bury them near his house.  Bucky’s life tugs on my heart strings.  His tail wags whenever we visit.  I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body. 

Today, on my way home from the market, I saw Bucky being walked by a young man.  Bucky was struttin’ his stuff..his head held high and his tail cutting the air happily.  I know that the young man that was walking Bucky today didn’t do it so somebody like me could write about it..but if he’s reading this I am giddy with thanks. You are a good man.  Did I mention that Bucky is extremely buck toothed?

Christine Marie

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